Thursday, December 11, 2008

Words rarely uttered here in SE TX...

It snowed last night!

It was so cool! It started sleeting yesterday afternoon and there were pictures of it snowing in the far north parts of H-town but surely it wouldn't r
each down here... Yuppers! It did!!

It snowed big time for here! There were large, quarter size flakes floating all around and coming down like rain. Here are some pics...

My baby jeep was cold but made for a good picture! There was actually snow on the ground and it wasn't melting away as soon as it hit.

This is the puppies green monster - all covered in snow!! of all things!!! The pups were in high gear because of the cold. They were out running around last night and this morning chasing the squirrels and running around.

It's gorgeous today - lots of sun but still cold. Course, this being Texas, the high for Sunday is supposed to be back up at 72! Looks like I might get my c
old days for Christmas! I was like a kid in a candy store last night playing in the snow! I kept looking out the windows and started jumping up and down when I saw the flakes coming down! I ran outside without my coat and in my socks... My honey made sure and followed me up with my coat and shoes!

I was out and about for a while. I came in and my hands and feet were frozen but in such a good way! I haven't played in the snow since I went to Lake Tahoe several years ago. Funny talkinga bout snow in this blog when just a few months ago I was
writing about the damage from Hurricane Ike. And, the day that it snowed the forecast came on predicting 14 hurricanes for next year. I don't pay attention to the forecasts for the hurricanes since they're never right... but I still liked the irony of it all.


Kimberly said...'ve had snow and here in the mountains we're still waiting! Normally we have our first snow in October! Great pics!

Texas2Tennessee said...

It's snowing here right now. So glad y'all got some of the white stuff too!