Friday, December 19, 2008

Son of an Irish whiskey salesman...

I fell this morning.

Why did I fall? I couldn't feel my right foot! A:LDKJFA:OIJFA:FJA:KFHAHFOOI@Q#(&(&
That's the way I feel!!!

GRRRR! For the first time in a quite a while I semi-sprang/rolled out of bed. I sleep where my right leg is the first on the ground... I got it down and was not able to get my left leg down before SPLAT!

I fell right on my right hip. And, when I say right hip - I mean smack dab where I did not feel any other part of me on the floor until I completely collapsed flat on my side. I don't remember the next 5 - 10 seconds after that.... I was too busy holding my breath waiting for the extreme pain to start either from my hip or my back.... ( I just re-read "flat on my side"... I don't think that's possible but it sounds decent, huh??)

Let me tell you how scared I was... and still am!! Luckily, no hollering at the moon pain started and so I slowly rolled on my stomach and got up... very slowly and gingerly. What was my immediate reaction?? Holy mother freeze dried tomatoes!!! Then, I called my other half at work and told her about it - better to get that out of the way early so as to avoid the conversation later!!

Anyhows, I did not feel any immediate pain/harm done so I laid on the couch and promptly fell asleep. Hard sleep. My body's way of going, well shit - we'll deal with it later. And, so now that I've woken up and moved around a bit - IT HURTS!!! So far there's no shooting pain but it's constant in my hip. I don't really feel anything in my back - which is good. Thank the higher power that my incision is still intact....

I was fixen to go back to work next week part time to go slowly back into the work scene to start back full time after the new year.... this better not mess with that.

Course, my other concern is why my right leg was not just asleep - I DIDN'T FEEL A FUCKING THING IN MY LEG FROM THE HIP DOWN UNTIL MY HIP HIT THE FLOOR! The bedroom is carpeted (new stuff that just got installed last week from Ike repairs!!) and we got the upgraded pad but not much difference between 5/6" and 7/8".... Sheeeeeesh!!!

Now I've gone all buggy and am trying not to wig out about it!! The bad part is today's Friday ... and while I'm cheering because it's Friday for the weekend aspect of it - I have to decide now if I'm going to call the doctor or not (or at least in the next 2 hours...) I really don't want to. Anyone who fell like I did would be sore and hurt a little bit. But, without sounding like a total arrogant Texan... I'm not anyone!!!!! I'm a freakin' MSer who just had back surgery!!!!

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.... I think I'll just get back to importing cd's into my itunes collection and wait. Isn't bad crap like this supposed to happen on Mondays??? and then, just like the commercial, I remember it's Monday night football on to make it better???


Kimberly said...

You better just call your Doc and let him know what happened. Because it IS Friday. He'll probably tell you everything is likely fine and just take some serious Ibuprophen every 6 hours and ice the hip. It's a scary thing for you on several levels, recent surgery and why the heck didn't your leg work. Just call the doc. Everything will be fine :)

Texas2Tennessee said...

Yeah...what she said.

Webster said...

So how are you feeling today, after ibuprofen and rest?


I'm your ACCOUNT of the incident, NOT the fall itself! Bummer, man...I used to have that spastic-freeze-up-the-legs issue, doing swan dive after swan dive out of bed. But I'm a slow learner.

Hopefully feeling will once again return to your body parts...tis the season of "hope" after all. (Hey, a girl can WISH!)

Linda D. in Seattle