Monday, December 29, 2008

Ahhhhh, the merriment is over (for a few days)...

What a wonderful Chrismas I had!!! I love the good things about the holidays! Christmas Eve is spent with the in-laws. Down in Galveston for the eve celebration back on the island. It looks better every time we head down there.... The downstairs has all its walls back and the deck is done and now we've got to re-populate the downstairs with all the fishing poles, fishing supplies, and all the brick a brack that comes with a beach house. We played sculptagories - making playdough turtles and sadles and laughing our arses off at the 16 year-old niece's attempt to make us guess "underwear"... and her blush creeping up her face as we thought of the most outrageous things to say to make it deeper!! AHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Our house was then taken over by my nephews and niece from the west side... They are growing up way too fast. My oldest nephew already looks 16 (he's about to be 12 next month) and got a nifty looking grown-up watch that makes him look that much older. They fight like hell right now - they can't touch each other, sit too close, or play the same game.... The oldest and youngest get along pretty good but the middle one fights with both, and he's the mama's boy which I think is hilarious! It's amazing how much they look like me and my 2 older brothers - I really hope my niece grows out of it and so far she's taking more after her mom which I'm very thankful for! I have a picture that's of me and my older brothers all lined up for a formal portrait when I'm about 2 years old, and I have one with my nephews and niece that's a very similar set up (it's the bath tub photo in theirs!) and I have them in a frame side by side.... I love it!

We actually v
entured out in the black Friday rerun this past Saturday. It actually wasn't too bad and caught some good deals. I'm very pissed at my Dallas Cowboys that could've been beaten by a Texas high school football quarter-finalist the way they played yesterday. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm doing pretty good. My back's still pissy at me but I think I'm moving a little better. I went back to work again today for another half-day. I ordered my lumbar support for my work chair and my jeep today. My best friend was cracking me
up on the phone today making cracks about my little old lady walk... and he hasn't even seen me walking yet!! LOL He's not too far off base but I'm not shuffling anymore here lately. I can even get up to a "brisk" pace every now and then if I really need to! I'm fighting the fatigue battle here though - I hate the fatigue demon... it's really a vampire that doesn't leave marks.... it just comes and sucks you dry and you don't even have a decent scar to point to and shout "Hey - it's not me - it's the F'ing Vampire... the fatigue vampire that sucked me"... I mean, at least then you'd have a cool scar, a scary story, and could stay up telling it after you recovered!! My only question I can't figure out is where would this F'ing Vampire bite you??? HMMMM?? Maybe the toes - or bewtween your toes that way he'd (or she'd) have to risk any toe-funk to really get you!!! [btw, Buffy seriously kicks ass!!]

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Ah, Galveston...I was worried the town might not make a come back (or the island for that matter)! Good to hear it IS on the mend and that you had a nice holiday there.

I think I'm homesick for Houston again...sigh.

Linda D. in Seattle