Friday, December 12, 2008

Watching South Park is ALWAYS a good thing!...

(First off - let me apologize for why this is all underlined - I don't know what I did and I can't seem to fix it.... )

If you've never seen an episode of South Park... (let me break and say YIPPEE for whatever I did to stop the underlining... I'm not going back to erase the first sentence cuz I'm afraid it will bring the lining back!!!) then you need to. There are some more funny than others - I have been known to cry... You can watch episodes on their website. Let me make a few recommendations for the beginner...

Episode 809 - Season 8: Something Wal-Mart this way. If you believe that Wally-world is the downfall of America and the root of all evil than you will appreciate this episode. Even if you shop at wally-world regularly like I do (it's 2 blocks from my neighborhood!) you will still LYAO!

Episode 706 - Season 7 (u catching on to the first number corresponding to the season? - I'm in a very snarfy mood right'll have to excuse the sarcasm). Lil' Crime Stoppers... Okay, you might have to have had some dealings with law enforcement to really appreciate all the jokes but watching enough SVU (i typed SUV at first... HAHAHAH) would work too!!

Episode 807 - Mr. Jefferson. LMAO LMAO LMAO FOTFLMAO!!!! Don't drink anything while watching this - it will come back on your screen!!

Episode 1007 - Tsst. Like the Dog Whisperer? I do and I loved this episode!!

Episode 1104 - The Snuke. Okay, I don't care if you wanted Hilary to be president, this is some funny shinola!

And, one of the most hilarious, all-time wrong on so many levels (although, if you watched any of the Mormon or Hey God episodes you are so going to be on the bus to hell with me and tons of my other friends!!!) is Episode 1108 - Le Petitte Tourette. Someone thinks it's cool to have Tourette's and then there's the Dateline Episode involved.... Okay, this episode is seriously twisted and about as wrong as Mr. Jefferson - and these are just my personal favorites....

What I like so much about the show is the fact that it's beyond honesty - it reveals the underbelly of so many of our thoughts and stuff - the one black person in town is named Token. They have a pre-op to post-op 4th grade teacher that goes back and forth between being gay and straight in all the various stages of surgery!! It has a chef that sings about his "salty balls" and it's NOT what you think!!

The show's genius in that nothing is sacred. It even laughs and makes fun of itself. The one after Obama was elected made it look like the whole election was rigged for Obama to win by McCain - but for entirely different reasons than you might think - hilarious!! Anyways, why did I get off on this tangent tonight. Can't say. Maybe my snarfy mood - maybe the fact that I was watching the movie and singing along with Shut Your Fucking Face Uncle Fucker (and not missing a word!!)!
Maybe the fact that I'm avoiding talking about my MS because it might re-awaken it... I think it's sleeping right now. It's behaving and that scares me worse than a fever!!

Regardless, I feel it's my duty to educate those not in the know about the SP universe. Ahh, young masters - you must open your mind to the force young jedi's!!!

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