Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whatever you give a woman...

Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.

Isn't that the truth? I laughed my arse off at that when a friend emailed it to me! I thought it was a pretty good way to end the last day of 2008. T
oday is supposed to be a time to reflect, with a pause to move forward beginning with the first day of the new year. Let's see.... I'll start with the obvious and go happier...

MS sucks. No point denying it. I had a few battles this year with it. Could have been a lot worse but could've been better. Some things I can do to make it better - get back exercising regularly, watch some of the things I eat that might possibly trigger some stuff, pay more attention to the little things my body tells me BEFORE they go big. Set my mental viewing of this crappy disease in a different angle. Accept that it does suck but try and focus on what doesn't suck (right now!).

I did one of those "get to know your friends" email chain thingys (I was in a giving mood) and one of the questions asked what you were scared of. My answer - progressing disability. I think that's all of our fears with this damned disease.... thought I was headed down that route with my right leg earlier this year and it turned out to be a back, and non-MS, issue. Sure, I got lucky (if that's the right word) this time and hopefully there won't be a next time....

Ike sucked big lemons! Reconnected with an old high school friend during my time off work and found out she and her husband had a tree come crashing through their house and haven't lived there since Ike hit. She lived on the north side of town. Luckily we pulled through will very fixable and livable damages. We made out a lot better
than that. Again, I lucked out with that one. The long shifts at work made for some very good over-time pay which my partner and I will be taking vacation with this year, so there was a positive side. An even better flip side ended up being the relationship that I now have with the in-laws. They were always super nice and very easy to get along with... but after them living with us for 2 months after Ike - we're family. It was even better this past holiday season just because how all of us were so close. Actually, it was a little too close considering my partner's sister started discussing her and her husband's sex life with me... (GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG) One more glass of wine and it was more okay.... HAHAHAHHHA

Life. In general. It's great! I'm in a very loving, wonderul, whole relationship that consumes me - in a great bursting with happiness way. I've never felt so close or shared such a deep connection with someone on a partner-level (my best friend qualifies for that but we've never slept together thank god!) Yeah, we fight. Yeah, we hurt each other's feelings sometimes and say the wrong things sometimes. We also talk - and more t
han that communicate with each other. I know that she's there for me through all the good, bad, and hosptial stays! HAHAHAH And, I know she knows I'm there for her in the same ways!! We give and take from each other so that neither one of us is too empty or too full of anything. Our balance is so amazing... I know there will be a post in the future about a fight or misunderstanding we've had. That's what happens. If we weren't two separate people, who just happened to fit together, it would be too boring.

Okay - enough of that gushy stuff, I know! But, it's
the happiest of my happies. Even in those blah moments, I've got a pretty good start on a way to start tipping the scales the other way.

New Year's resolutions will be another post
for tomorrow (or another day depending on how tonight goes..... : p ) We're headed over to the annual festivities as our friend's house to bring in the New Year.... I'm bringing the fireworks.... [hey, there's gotta be some advantage for being "the man" and being in the area I formally patrolled and know all the local bobbies!!!!!]

Have a wonderful last day of 2008. Here's a toast for the start of 2009!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ahhhhh, the merriment is over (for a few days)...

What a wonderful Chrismas I had!!! I love the good things about the holidays! Christmas Eve is spent with the in-laws. Down in Galveston for the eve celebration back on the island. It looks better every time we head down there.... The downstairs has all its walls back and the deck is done and now we've got to re-populate the downstairs with all the fishing poles, fishing supplies, and all the brick a brack that comes with a beach house. We played sculptagories - making playdough turtles and sadles and laughing our arses off at the 16 year-old niece's attempt to make us guess "underwear"... and her blush creeping up her face as we thought of the most outrageous things to say to make it deeper!! AHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Our house was then taken over by my nephews and niece from the west side... They are growing up way too fast. My oldest nephew already looks 16 (he's about to be 12 next month) and got a nifty looking grown-up watch that makes him look that much older. They fight like hell right now - they can't touch each other, sit too close, or play the same game.... The oldest and youngest get along pretty good but the middle one fights with both, and he's the mama's boy which I think is hilarious! It's amazing how much they look like me and my 2 older brothers - I really hope my niece grows out of it and so far she's taking more after her mom which I'm very thankful for! I have a picture that's of me and my older brothers all lined up for a formal portrait when I'm about 2 years old, and I have one with my nephews and niece that's a very similar set up (it's the bath tub photo in theirs!) and I have them in a frame side by side.... I love it!

We actually v
entured out in the black Friday rerun this past Saturday. It actually wasn't too bad and caught some good deals. I'm very pissed at my Dallas Cowboys that could've been beaten by a Texas high school football quarter-finalist the way they played yesterday. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm doing pretty good. My back's still pissy at me but I think I'm moving a little better. I went back to work again today for another half-day. I ordered my lumbar support for my work chair and my jeep today. My best friend was cracking me
up on the phone today making cracks about my little old lady walk... and he hasn't even seen me walking yet!! LOL He's not too far off base but I'm not shuffling anymore here lately. I can even get up to a "brisk" pace every now and then if I really need to! I'm fighting the fatigue battle here though - I hate the fatigue demon... it's really a vampire that doesn't leave marks.... it just comes and sucks you dry and you don't even have a decent scar to point to and shout "Hey - it's not me - it's the F'ing Vampire... the fatigue vampire that sucked me"... I mean, at least then you'd have a cool scar, a scary story, and could stay up telling it after you recovered!! My only question I can't figure out is where would this F'ing Vampire bite you??? HMMMM?? Maybe the toes - or bewtween your toes that way he'd (or she'd) have to risk any toe-funk to really get you!!! [btw, Buffy seriously kicks ass!!]

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!...

to work for half the day today!! WOO HOOO!!! I didn't do anything of course - no one was doing anything because it was Christmas Eve Eve. It was very fun seeing the few people that were there! I also had quite a few treats on my desk that were still edible - having been left there just last week! My co-worker made these yummy peanut butter bites covered in powdered sugar and chocolate - very yummy!

It was good to know that I was missed - my co-worker th
at covers my duties when I'm not there was very anxious to get me back! I'm in one office and there's another office in another part of town. That office has 3 people for the job I do by myself (with a little help from my friends ... I think I caught Brass and Ivory's song tune blog-bug!) at my office.... So, why they missed me because they don't like doing my job it's still nice to be missed. AHHAHAHAHAH

The fall seemed to only jog my fear and hurt my pride - which was very good. I was sore for a couple of days and had to deal with some additional back spasms but no pain. Had I been a normal mary jane (there's another Tom Petty song for ya!) I'm sure the same soreness and spasms would have occurred.

I cannot freakin' believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. All th
e presents are wrapped in the empty room with care.... My step-mom and I usually bake these holiday cookies (and I'm going to get this wrong) called Pepparkakor. Hold on a second and I'll Google them... they are tradiontal Sweedish cookies that are similar to ginger snaps in consistency but not in taste - they are SOOOO much better! I've got the recipe now and so am debating if I'm going to make them today or Saturday.... I sorta want to do them today so I can eat them today but I sorta want to chill out right now.

Here's my MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS wish to y'all in blogdom! Enjoy the Christmas Cactus - they are very fun to grow! (that isn't mine but a Google pic of them!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Son of an Irish whiskey salesman...

I fell this morning.

Why did I fall? I couldn't feel my right foot! A:LDKJFA:OIJFA:FJA:KFHAHFOOI@Q#(&(&
That's the way I feel!!!

GRRRR! For the first time in a quite a while I semi-sprang/rolled out of bed. I sleep where my right leg is the first on the ground... I got it down and was not able to get my left leg down before SPLAT!

I fell right on my right hip. And, when I say right hip - I mean smack dab where I did not feel any other part of me on the floor until I completely collapsed flat on my side. I don't remember the next 5 - 10 seconds after that.... I was too busy holding my breath waiting for the extreme pain to start either from my hip or my back.... ( I just re-read "flat on my side"... I don't think that's possible but it sounds decent, huh??)

Let me tell you how scared I was... and still am!! Luckily, no hollering at the moon pain started and so I slowly rolled on my stomach and got up... very slowly and gingerly. What was my immediate reaction?? Holy mother freeze dried tomatoes!!! Then, I called my other half at work and told her about it - better to get that out of the way early so as to avoid the conversation later!!

Anyhows, I did not feel any immediate pain/harm done so I laid on the couch and promptly fell asleep. Hard sleep. My body's way of going, well shit - we'll deal with it later. And, so now that I've woken up and moved around a bit - IT HURTS!!! So far there's no shooting pain but it's constant in my hip. I don't really feel anything in my back - which is good. Thank the higher power that my incision is still intact....

I was fixen to go back to work next week part time to go slowly back into the work scene to start back full time after the new year.... this better not mess with that.

Course, my other concern is why my right leg was not just asleep - I DIDN'T FEEL A FUCKING THING IN MY LEG FROM THE HIP DOWN UNTIL MY HIP HIT THE FLOOR! The bedroom is carpeted (new stuff that just got installed last week from Ike repairs!!) and we got the upgraded pad but not much difference between 5/6" and 7/8".... Sheeeeeesh!!!

Now I've gone all buggy and am trying not to wig out about it!! The bad part is today's Friday ... and while I'm cheering because it's Friday for the weekend aspect of it - I have to decide now if I'm going to call the doctor or not (or at least in the next 2 hours...) I really don't want to. Anyone who fell like I did would be sore and hurt a little bit. But, without sounding like a total arrogant Texan... I'm not anyone!!!!! I'm a freakin' MSer who just had back surgery!!!!

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.... I think I'll just get back to importing cd's into my itunes collection and wait. Isn't bad crap like this supposed to happen on Mondays??? and then, just like the commercial, I remember it's Monday night football on to make it better???

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another 4 letter word...

I've just finished reading The Last Lecture about the computer science professor that was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and gave his literal last lecture to his students and it was amazing. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go to his website (

The amount of courage and strength that man possessed. And to be able to put it into words... verbal and written. And the amount of people he touched - his family, his friends, his students, his co-workers. He actually was a Do-It kind of guy instead of a Say-It kind.

I'm going to try and learn something from him. I'm not a type A personality....more like a B+ kinda girl. I'm a good Indian and really have no desire to be the chief. Now, I'll campaign a bit to be the chief's advisor if she/he was worth it. And, that was the great thing about the book and the last lecture. It recognizes that not everybody is going to run the world or come up with a world-changing idea but that each person has their own value... to themselves, to their families, to their work-force.

So, getting back to the title of this post, what's another four letter word? Weak is my new four letter word that's becoming the thorn in my side. While my B+ personality might be lacking in the drive to be leader I've never lacked the strength to get what I need to do done. I'm up to carrying out the orders and keeping things going... I was usually captain of my athletic teams - not because I was the best athlete ... nope - because I was the one a coach always described as having the heart that made up for my lack of ability. Now, even heart can't cover it all with MS.

Heart's great when you want to get something done but doesn't help you out when your right leg does not want to cooperate with your brain's orders. Heart's great when you remember what you have to do but how you want to do it becomes too scrambled in your brain to make sure it gets done. Heart's amazing to keep you going despite not being able to do the things you enjoy because you physically cannot do them....

I'm still a little snarfy about all the things I feel like my MS has taken away. I haven't been mountain biking in over 2 years - I could do it with my cooling vest but my legs haven't been working right and now I won't do it again for a while to make sure my back heals... I now know why I had to quit running a couple of years ago because every time I did my feet would go numb and I'd lose a lot of feeling even in my arms (now know it was spasticity mixed with heat reaction). I feel weak because I haven't been able to focus on the things I can do despite the MS.

I realized this (a little late I think) reading the book. Weak is going to become a really bad four letter word for me. Any time I start thinking it I'm going to start putting a quarter in a jar or something. Weak has become a part of me like never before but it does not mean it has to become the dominant part of me. I'm going to try and start developing ways to overcome my weakness. It's not going to be easy and it's not going to happen over night but it can happen.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dog's Dreamin...

My partner made an interesting observation about my sleeping habits... and came up with a new phrase for my spasticity. And, I've been meaning to talk about this subject but kept getting distracted with shiny things!!

Apparently, a few weeks ago, my legs were twitching so bad that I was shaking the whole bed. My other half ended up sleeping quite peacefully on the floor. I didn't realize this until the following day when she told me. I was very upset about it until I was laughing my ass off about it! I was told that I was puppy dreams. My partner asked me if I was chasing rabbits as well as Emma (our chocolate lab mix). She equated my spastic legs to when Emma is asleep and dreaming with her paws running after some unknown rabbit(s)...

I had been trying to get completely off my anti-spastic medicine (which for me is Zanaflex or Tizanidine) and had not taken it for a few nights when my bunny-chasing night happened. As long as I take my meds I don't chase bunnies....or at least not enough to wake others! We've had quite a few chuckles over that. We all know how our muscles just start going whether we want them to or not. I have had the wonderful privelege of having some facial ticks off and on and I can always tell when I'm having one I don't feel when I get that tilted head-trying to ignore it-look from someone looking at me at the time... The ones I usually don't feel but others might are in my side of my trunk/rib area and upper thigh area.... Anytime I have those now, I get asked what I'm chasing... AHHAAHHHAHAHHAHAHHAH

I love it. I'm the type that wants to laugh at something - I'm a big believer in talking for 30 minutes rather than fighting for 3. The easiest way to disarm someone is to either share something of yourself or laugh at something about yourself. Which, with MS, is quite easy to do. We walk funny, sometimes we talk funny, we have our own language about our bodies because of what's going on with them.... We speak of things like neurons, and myelin, and synapses, and auto-immune.... all those SAT words we wish we would have paid attention to more back then (course, me being the nerd I was in high school I do have SAT words I pull out of my buttocks every now and then just for fun = I was proud of my verbal!)

We each develop our own voacabulary to deal with the specific crap that is unique to our MS. We all know that while we might share hyper-active immune systems that attack our central nervous systems on their myelin and the myelin sheaths... But, being that is a vast world in our brains and spinal cords it makes the disease different for all of us because a sclerosis on a specific spot on our brain or spinal cord makes for a specific reaction. I have 2 lesions on my cervical spine that causes numbness and tingling in both my arms and hands. I wake up almost every morning with numb hands and it goes up into the lower arms sometimes. My last MRI showed no changes in those lesions - which is good. None of us wants the "black hole" conversation about our lesions. Isn't that the reason we overcome our fear of needles for our DMDs??

Anyways... in my house the term "spasticity" or any related words has now been changed to rabbit chasing or doggie dreaming. Think I can get my neuro on board with those terms? I'd love to see it in the New England Journal of Medicine... 'statistics show that group B undergoing treatment 1 experienced statistically less rabbit chasing than group A undergoing a placebo treatment'

Friday, December 12, 2008

Watching South Park is ALWAYS a good thing!...

(First off - let me apologize for why this is all underlined - I don't know what I did and I can't seem to fix it.... )

If you've never seen an episode of South Park... (let me break and say YIPPEE for whatever I did to stop the underlining... I'm not going back to erase the first sentence cuz I'm afraid it will bring the lining back!!!) then you need to. There are some more funny than others - I have been known to cry... You can watch episodes on their website. Let me make a few recommendations for the beginner...

Episode 809 - Season 8: Something Wal-Mart this way. If you believe that Wally-world is the downfall of America and the root of all evil than you will appreciate this episode. Even if you shop at wally-world regularly like I do (it's 2 blocks from my neighborhood!) you will still LYAO!

Episode 706 - Season 7 (u catching on to the first number corresponding to the season? - I'm in a very snarfy mood right'll have to excuse the sarcasm). Lil' Crime Stoppers... Okay, you might have to have had some dealings with law enforcement to really appreciate all the jokes but watching enough SVU (i typed SUV at first... HAHAHAH) would work too!!

Episode 807 - Mr. Jefferson. LMAO LMAO LMAO FOTFLMAO!!!! Don't drink anything while watching this - it will come back on your screen!!

Episode 1007 - Tsst. Like the Dog Whisperer? I do and I loved this episode!!

Episode 1104 - The Snuke. Okay, I don't care if you wanted Hilary to be president, this is some funny shinola!

And, one of the most hilarious, all-time wrong on so many levels (although, if you watched any of the Mormon or Hey God episodes you are so going to be on the bus to hell with me and tons of my other friends!!!) is Episode 1108 - Le Petitte Tourette. Someone thinks it's cool to have Tourette's and then there's the Dateline Episode involved.... Okay, this episode is seriously twisted and about as wrong as Mr. Jefferson - and these are just my personal favorites....

What I like so much about the show is the fact that it's beyond honesty - it reveals the underbelly of so many of our thoughts and stuff - the one black person in town is named Token. They have a pre-op to post-op 4th grade teacher that goes back and forth between being gay and straight in all the various stages of surgery!! It has a chef that sings about his "salty balls" and it's NOT what you think!!

The show's genius in that nothing is sacred. It even laughs and makes fun of itself. The one after Obama was elected made it look like the whole election was rigged for Obama to win by McCain - but for entirely different reasons than you might think - hilarious!! Anyways, why did I get off on this tangent tonight. Can't say. Maybe my snarfy mood - maybe the fact that I was watching the movie and singing along with Shut Your Fucking Face Uncle Fucker (and not missing a word!!)!
Maybe the fact that I'm avoiding talking about my MS because it might re-awaken it... I think it's sleeping right now. It's behaving and that scares me worse than a fever!!

Regardless, I feel it's my duty to educate those not in the know about the SP universe. Ahh, young masters - you must open your mind to the force young jedi's!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Words rarely uttered here in SE TX...

It snowed last night!

It was so cool! It started sleeting yesterday afternoon and there were pictures of it snowing in the far north parts of H-town but surely it wouldn't r
each down here... Yuppers! It did!!

It snowed big time for here! There were large, quarter size flakes floating all around and coming down like rain. Here are some pics...

My baby jeep was cold but made for a good picture! There was actually snow on the ground and it wasn't melting away as soon as it hit.

This is the puppies green monster - all covered in snow!! of all things!!! The pups were in high gear because of the cold. They were out running around last night and this morning chasing the squirrels and running around.

It's gorgeous today - lots of sun but still cold. Course, this being Texas, the high for Sunday is supposed to be back up at 72! Looks like I might get my c
old days for Christmas! I was like a kid in a candy store last night playing in the snow! I kept looking out the windows and started jumping up and down when I saw the flakes coming down! I ran outside without my coat and in my socks... My honey made sure and followed me up with my coat and shoes!

I was out and about for a while. I came in and my hands and feet were frozen but in such a good way! I haven't played in the snow since I went to Lake Tahoe several years ago. Funny talkinga bout snow in this blog when just a few months ago I was
writing about the damage from Hurricane Ike. And, the day that it snowed the forecast came on predicting 14 hurricanes for next year. I don't pay attention to the forecasts for the hurricanes since they're never right... but I still liked the irony of it all.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just another Tuesday...

But this Tuesday is special - it's the honey's birthday!! WOO HOO!! I wish we were going out to a big steak dinner to celebrate but I still can't sit upright for very long and a car ride is my least favorite thing to do right now. I'm actually getting better at sitting up, and probably could do dinner somewhere but all the decent places to go are at my max limit for a car ride... Sheesh - I hate that I can't do big plans to celebrate.

Course, what's worse is that the carpet guys that were supposed to be here at 10 are now not coming until 2, and it'll take 2-3 hours to get it finished so that means they will not be gone by the time she gets home from work. Last night the kitchen and bathroom floors got installed... the guys were here until 1030 pm!! OMG!! But, one of the guys did put our new toilet in for us for a lot less than it was going to be with HD's installers.... so, I guess that was a wash.

All that's left to fix now is the sheetrock in the small hallway and the gutters. I will be glad when all this is over. It has stressed the other half out majorly and not to mention has stressed me out as well. It will be nice to have everything done and quiet around here where we can enjoy it. We got each other the PS3 for Christmas this year for the games and the Blu-ray. It's a good investment since we're such home-bodies that enjoy staying in and watching a movie with no lines to the bathroom, personal volume control, and much cheaper candy and popcorn!! Now, with Netflix as well, it's cinema paradise!! I can't wait to get Madden 09 for the PS3 - I'm not a big gamer but I do enjoy it. I can't wait to get back to the Wii.

I loved the Wii fit with the games and yoga. I can't wait to get back to working out period. I have enjoyed being laid up this time w/o a lot of steroids - I noticed I'm not putting on the pounds like I usually do with a MS flare. I know the food tastes so good on solumedrol but I could do without all the extras!! LOL Speaking of food, I did the bacon pancakes on this past Sunday. They were very yummy! They cooled off a little quick but the taste was yummy! The pancake batter just sucks up the bacon grease and the flavor combo is yummers!! Have I said that already??

I can't believe it's already so far into December.... It's going to be Christmas before I know it. We haven't gotten anything Christmas out in the house... it's still all in the attic since all the working in the house and me unable to pick up the milk jug. It's going to be a little odd without a tree this year but I think we'll make do... We talked about getting one of those rosemary trees and putting a few ornaments on it just to have something in the house. Will probably end up doing that.

I didn't really have anything in mind when I started babbling. I'm just listening to my latest itunes purchases and catching up on some email correspondence. Haven't even turned on the boob tube yet - but I'm sure I will. No sense not frying my brain more than it already is!!! AHHAHAHAH

Friday, December 5, 2008

Here piggy piggy piggy...

Holy Moly Mackeral!!!!

I'm reading a decent book I decided to get upon reading about it at B& In the book, which was originally written by by a Sweedish author and translated to English (which, by the way, will be a topic for a future post about a different world view that was a little hard but very enjoyable to adjust to)... ANYHOWS..

I had to write a 2nd post for today because in this book one of the main characters is treated to a dinner with bacon pancakes and ligonberries. Now, I've had pancakcs and ligonberries - very yummers! But, wtf is a bacon pancake??

Of course, I go to the trustee Google toolbar and type it in... Follow along with me on my Goog-ourney:

The 1st listing is this site to what an actual bacon pancake is... Very tasty sounding! And yes, your cholesterol will go up just reading it!!

Now, look up in the top right corner of that blog page and there's a link to some other hilarious bacon themed bandages and air freshener (yes... that's a hard word to mis-type so you read it right the first time!)

Now, the 2nd stop is a heaven for bacon lovers - of which I proudly raise my hand!! It's a blog about nothing but oinking on bacon!! It's a bacon a day recipe. OMG! Just browse that a while... again, do not do this before a trip for the annual physical or to your cardiologist because the LDL is going up!

This was a very shiny thing for me tonight which caused me to put down my book and come share with you!!! Oh, I am soooooo looking forward to pancakes and bacon this weekend - i was planning on French toast with my bacon on Sunday morning but things might change!!! By the way.... the first site has pictures!!!! Be careful, I had to clean some drool off my keyboard!!

This is me...

Not really... but it's a 4-legged representation of what I feel like! I still can't even sit partially up in my side of the recliner couch. So, my beloved Venus - the not even 2 year old adopted mutt - has deemed the brown couch hers while I stay on our red one. I've gotten some really good shots of her relaxing with me while I'm home. And, believe it or not, the one on the left was taken 2 days ago but the one on the right was taken today! Looks like she went from one spot right to the next one...

Course, her big sister is too cool to pose for pictures anymore! HA! Not really, but she would normally be curled up on the other side of the couch except she takes advantage of being on one of the beds and spreading out. The little one is curled up on the heating pad and blanket. Today was "cold" for us down here in the gulf coast - our high was only 55 today so we'r
e all in our heavy winter coats down here! It might even hit freezing on the north side of H-town tonight! Brrrrrrr! Course, I know all y'all above the Mason-Dixon line are laughing y'alls arses off at me saying it's cold but anything below 70 and we go a little bonkers!! At least I do - my blood is too thin for any color other than green or brown on the ground.

I have been in snow here in Texas - even in the south part of Texas. I need to scan in pictures of the beach house deck covered in snow from 2 years ago! It's great! My partner said about 2 minutes after they went back inside a seagull landed on the railing and did the "hot potato" dance for a few seconds and then flew off cuz of the snow! That would've been hilarious! I do like it cold on Christmas Eve and Christmas though - it doesn't feel right when it's 80F. And, yes - I have been swimming on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Both in Texas and visiting my grandparents in Little Rock, Arkansas. There was one Christmas where I opened my gifts in my bathing suit, along with my cousin and family. Those pics are still on slides, which my brother and I keep meaning to get to have them transferred to DVDs. I wore shorts this Thanksgiving day and for most of the weekend. I think it hit 85 that Saturday afterwards...

I remember being told, jokingly by my neuro, that my diagnosis meant I had to move north! He was joking but we all know how the heat is an MSer's main kryptonite! I have a cooling vest I now use religiously for outdoor events during the wanna-be winter and sissy-spring we get down here (technically summer is our only season with a slight dip into fall). I just can't imagine living somewhere without the heat, though - I think my skin would eavaporate off of me!! I guess I could always find a "dry" heat somewhere! AHHAHAHAHA What's funny is when I've traveled to the east coast during the summer I learned to request/ask for air-conditioning! Now, it's not so hard to find but it was for a while! I think New York and Chicago had more days over 95F last summer than we did. On a down note for the Bayou city, though, our "feels like" temps were higher...

TGIF! Doesn't really affect me - same type day for me as the last 21 days. I'm even losing days of the week. I didn't realize today was Friday until my partner told me she was excited for the weekend... how sad is that???

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Loopiness is everything...

Car ride to the doc for my 2 week follow-up! Not a fun car ride but I got some chick-fil-a nuggets and waffle fries out of it!! WOO HOO!! And a warning from the doc to take it easy and the rest of the month off... I agreed to 2 more weeks of catching up with my relationship with my DVD player at a minimum. I lucked into another wonderful doc - he was running really late this morning and I didn't get back to the room for another hour after my appointment time.

Being that I'm good at lying down and standing up, with a short burst of walking but NOT sitting - the hour wait was painful. So, I was in pain curled up into a ball on the exam table when he came into the room. He told me he was sorry so many times I lost count. He said my incision was healing great and I needed to start walking around more often for shorter bursts... and he gave me that half-arm hug... I pegged him at first in his early 40s but now I think he's older - he had a grandfather-ly way about him this morning... Either way, I was glad I put my spine in his hands.

Cue the pain meds = which I have been taking sporadically as needed since the beginning of this week. Leading to major loopiness now while I type this post! I have absolutely no idea where I was going when I started this post. I think I actually changed topics in my head a couple of times as well, and I don't remember any of them... I might have been extremely profound for this post! I might have been highly amusing!! Oh, hell... I'd still just be me!! LOL

Okay, who the hell knows where I'll go now and I don't think anyone wants me to visit wikipedia on anymore fetish hunts!! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Potty Time...

We all know some of the less glorious aspects of this crappy disease... the bladder and bowel symptoms we get. Some of us go way to often, some of us can't get enough out when we do go, others go way too much, others don't know how in the hell that much liquid can come from one person....

Me, about 2 years before diagnosis, I spent more than 2 weeks in the hospital with what they eventually (after a colonoscopy and another hospital stay) deemed IBS - irritable bowel syndrome. They thought I maybe had colitis or Crohn's but the colonoscopy ruled those out. I lost almost 15 pounds in about 3 weeks and couldn't keep anything in me. All the doctor's and hospital visits came in handy these past couple of years for dealing with MS... I could barely go to work and I was very thankful, when I did, that the bathroom was only a few steps away. The docs put me on steroids (again, good dress rehearsals...) and I did a severe diet change for about 2 months and I seemed to "heal".

Course, this wonderfully mysterious auto-immune disorder that we share called Multiple Sclerosis could have been the culprit all along. There are TONS of nerves in our bowels... the process that gets the crap, literally, out of us is called peristalis. It's one of those autonomic nervous system processes that works without us having to think about it. Course, there are days when we have to work on it.... Correctol has become a very close friend of mine! Don't you love how MS breaks down the barriers in discussing CRAP????

My neuro seemed to agree with me during one of our longer, initial diagnosis discussions. I never really got mad at all the GI and OB-GYN docs that I saw as a result of that CRAP I went through during that time. (They thought endometriosis was the culprit as well - and still is part of the problem) Besides, I could have been diagnosed with Crohn's and MS - we all know that the auto-immune disorders are very co-dependant on each other and like to share habitations a lot. How many of us probably also have RA with our MS put the general joint pain we all dismiss as a result of the steroids or other meds? I've had my feet and hips xray'd a bunch over the last couple of years because of my "pain", and the docs wanting to rule out RA.

Wow - didn't know I was going to delve into my past so much for this post... And, it started just to be a really funny one about a website I found reading someone else's blog about Crohn's (I'm a caregiver to a Crohn's patient - my partner). It's a website where you can find a toilet no matter where you are in the world - and you can add toilet sites!!! Here's the link - it's called .

Hilarious!! I'm going to go back to watching the boob-tube and listen to the roofers working above. They got here at 645 this morning - wonder if the sunrise was good from on top??

Monday, December 1, 2008


We all know how much all that racket going on in our head can drive a person batty! All those crazy, mamby-pamby thoughts that go swirling around in there from time to time... Should I have super-sized? Should I have chosen that school instead of the other school? Did I really want to be home while they're fixing our roof....

Holy Moldy Cannolli!!!!!! I now know why we call it a "pounding" headache when it's one of those kick-ass ones! They're here stripping the old roof off the house today. Got here bright and EARLY at 730 this morning! I'm so thankful that the insurance is giving us a new roof. So very thankful. But, seriously, having an out-of-body-migraine is not something I ever wanted to try out-of-body! The dogs have all curled under their blankets to get away from it... I don't have enough blankets. Well, I take that back - I have enough but I'd also like to be able to breathe!

I moved from the bed to the couch thinking it would quiet down a bit in the living room - the dang vaulted ceilings should count for something, right? Nope. Just as loud out here. Oh well, the couch is my best friend anyway right now. I actually am bending over just a little bit (and, if so many of my friends saw that line they'd have fodder for years!!!) and putting on my socks on my own. I'm walking around the house very well and using my picky-uppy thing quite a bit. I can't tell if I'm doing too much or not enough. My spurts of pain tell me I'm doing too much but then my ever-growing ass is telling me I'm not doing enough. SIGH.

I wonder how long my immobility is going to last. Neighbors spent yesterday putting out holiday decorations on their houses and yards. I so would like to get all the Christams stuff down from the attic and start adding a little cheer to the household... Course, the carpet/tile people come next week to replace the flooring so we're actually going to be "packing" up all the crap in the 3 bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen so that the carpet/tile people just have to move the furniture. So, adding stuff to the mix right now is not a good idea. Another SIGH

I feel like I'm going through an MS attack right now.... I know what's wrong but I really can't do anything about it but "heal". My body has to do all the work right now. My brain has to adjust to my imposed restrictions right now. I don't like it. There's nothing more I can do about it either. I go back to the doc's later this week. I wonder what he's going to be expecting... just like when you head back to the neuro's office after the week on our IV cocktails. You never know if you'll get the nodding head, eyes turned sideways look that means neuro doesn't like how your body has responded to the meds... or will you get the clapping hands and smile that means the meds won the battle this time and we'll just wait for CD's next attack. Double SIGH

Oh well, enough for now. I'm going to go back and catch up on my daytime TV that is horrible! Course, that's what I have my DVD player for... can't load the dang thing myself but honey loaded my choices last night for me... Yeah!!