Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!...

to work for half the day today!! WOO HOOO!!! I didn't do anything of course - no one was doing anything because it was Christmas Eve Eve. It was very fun seeing the few people that were there! I also had quite a few treats on my desk that were still edible - having been left there just last week! My co-worker made these yummy peanut butter bites covered in powdered sugar and chocolate - very yummy!

It was good to know that I was missed - my co-worker th
at covers my duties when I'm not there was very anxious to get me back! I'm in one office and there's another office in another part of town. That office has 3 people for the job I do by myself (with a little help from my friends ... I think I caught Brass and Ivory's song tune blog-bug!) at my office.... So, why they missed me because they don't like doing my job it's still nice to be missed. AHHAHAHAHAH

The fall seemed to only jog my fear and hurt my pride - which was very good. I was sore for a couple of days and had to deal with some additional back spasms but no pain. Had I been a normal mary jane (there's another Tom Petty song for ya!) I'm sure the same soreness and spasms would have occurred.

I cannot freakin' believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. All th
e presents are wrapped in the empty room with care.... My step-mom and I usually bake these holiday cookies (and I'm going to get this wrong) called Pepparkakor. Hold on a second and I'll Google them... they are tradiontal Sweedish cookies that are similar to ginger snaps in consistency but not in taste - they are SOOOO much better! I've got the recipe now and so am debating if I'm going to make them today or Saturday.... I sorta want to do them today so I can eat them today but I sorta want to chill out right now.

Here's my MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HOLIDAYS wish to y'all in blogdom! Enjoy the Christmas Cactus - they are very fun to grow! (that isn't mine but a Google pic of them!)

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Glad you are baaaaack and not on your baaaack!

Merry Everything to you,

Linda D. in Seattle