Friday, December 5, 2008

Here piggy piggy piggy...

Holy Moly Mackeral!!!!

I'm reading a decent book I decided to get upon reading about it at B& In the book, which was originally written by by a Sweedish author and translated to English (which, by the way, will be a topic for a future post about a different world view that was a little hard but very enjoyable to adjust to)... ANYHOWS..

I had to write a 2nd post for today because in this book one of the main characters is treated to a dinner with bacon pancakes and ligonberries. Now, I've had pancakcs and ligonberries - very yummers! But, wtf is a bacon pancake??

Of course, I go to the trustee Google toolbar and type it in... Follow along with me on my Goog-ourney:

The 1st listing is this site to what an actual bacon pancake is... Very tasty sounding! And yes, your cholesterol will go up just reading it!!

Now, look up in the top right corner of that blog page and there's a link to some other hilarious bacon themed bandages and air freshener (yes... that's a hard word to mis-type so you read it right the first time!)

Now, the 2nd stop is a heaven for bacon lovers - of which I proudly raise my hand!! It's a blog about nothing but oinking on bacon!! It's a bacon a day recipe. OMG! Just browse that a while... again, do not do this before a trip for the annual physical or to your cardiologist because the LDL is going up!

This was a very shiny thing for me tonight which caused me to put down my book and come share with you!!! Oh, I am soooooo looking forward to pancakes and bacon this weekend - i was planning on French toast with my bacon on Sunday morning but things might change!!! By the way.... the first site has pictures!!!! Be careful, I had to clean some drool off my keyboard!!

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Texas2Tennessee said...

All roads lead to bacon.