Monday, December 1, 2008


We all know how much all that racket going on in our head can drive a person batty! All those crazy, mamby-pamby thoughts that go swirling around in there from time to time... Should I have super-sized? Should I have chosen that school instead of the other school? Did I really want to be home while they're fixing our roof....

Holy Moldy Cannolli!!!!!! I now know why we call it a "pounding" headache when it's one of those kick-ass ones! They're here stripping the old roof off the house today. Got here bright and EARLY at 730 this morning! I'm so thankful that the insurance is giving us a new roof. So very thankful. But, seriously, having an out-of-body-migraine is not something I ever wanted to try out-of-body! The dogs have all curled under their blankets to get away from it... I don't have enough blankets. Well, I take that back - I have enough but I'd also like to be able to breathe!

I moved from the bed to the couch thinking it would quiet down a bit in the living room - the dang vaulted ceilings should count for something, right? Nope. Just as loud out here. Oh well, the couch is my best friend anyway right now. I actually am bending over just a little bit (and, if so many of my friends saw that line they'd have fodder for years!!!) and putting on my socks on my own. I'm walking around the house very well and using my picky-uppy thing quite a bit. I can't tell if I'm doing too much or not enough. My spurts of pain tell me I'm doing too much but then my ever-growing ass is telling me I'm not doing enough. SIGH.

I wonder how long my immobility is going to last. Neighbors spent yesterday putting out holiday decorations on their houses and yards. I so would like to get all the Christams stuff down from the attic and start adding a little cheer to the household... Course, the carpet/tile people come next week to replace the flooring so we're actually going to be "packing" up all the crap in the 3 bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen so that the carpet/tile people just have to move the furniture. So, adding stuff to the mix right now is not a good idea. Another SIGH

I feel like I'm going through an MS attack right now.... I know what's wrong but I really can't do anything about it but "heal". My body has to do all the work right now. My brain has to adjust to my imposed restrictions right now. I don't like it. There's nothing more I can do about it either. I go back to the doc's later this week. I wonder what he's going to be expecting... just like when you head back to the neuro's office after the week on our IV cocktails. You never know if you'll get the nodding head, eyes turned sideways look that means neuro doesn't like how your body has responded to the meds... or will you get the clapping hands and smile that means the meds won the battle this time and we'll just wait for CD's next attack. Double SIGH

Oh well, enough for now. I'm going to go back and catch up on my daytime TV that is horrible! Course, that's what I have my DVD player for... can't load the dang thing myself but honey loaded my choices last night for me... Yeah!!

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Pain and roofing? I feel a country western song coming on and it's NOT pretty!

Hang in there...if it doesn't kill you, it will make great fodder for blog posts later on. LOL

Linda D. in Seattle