Thursday, February 12, 2009

YA YA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

Unite!! Ever seen the movie or read the book by Rebecca Wells - Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood? I love it! I am a child of a Southern woman... a very, VERY Southern woman. She, too, had her ya-ya's that she surrounded herself with through life... They weren't always of the female persuasion but a couple of them were female impersonators so that counts, right??

I had a hard time reading that book when it came out... I kept picking it up and then throwing it across the room or trying to stuff it into my garbage disposal... Then the big cheese of brain decides to write about the anniversary of her mother's death. Sucks! I barely got through that post and just realized that I might not make it through my own...

I'm not going to go into details but I did my own "check on welfare" on my mother 2 days after Christmas and what I found was horrible. One thought I remember having that day, though, was that I was so glad my big brothers were not there... What is it about being the female in the family? Why are our big strong boys always such babies? My big brothers are such strong, manly, GREAT specimens of men... awesome brothers, phenomenal fathers, and have their moments of being wonderful husbands!! (based on my sis-in-laws info!! LOL)

And, regardless of orientation... what is it about the girls friendships with each other? Ever see that Friends episode where Chandler and Ross decide they should have a "female" relationship and share everything? Hysterical!!!! And totally true - and I've known my fair share of gay men as well and the "boy" relationship still applies!! Only those of us of the female persuasions seem to be able to share that ya-ya sisterhood... I'm sure there are exceptions out there... just not in my world.

So, getting back to our ya-yas (seems like I'm just creating another Oprah word for va-j-j doesn't it?? or entering a realm in our internet relationship that should not be shared in a public forum!!!!) I love my ya-ya's... They are great women with infinite spirit! We don't really have names although one of us has an alter ego that comes out with enough wine... That spirit has a name!! And, I've been called a few names under certain "spirits" HAHAHAHAAHHA

What brought about all this rambling about Ya-Yas? Just went strolling down memory road for a bit... It's some of y'alls (in the sense of other bloggers) fault... Want to find out your Ya-Ya name? Go here to find out to magical name.. Go there then let me know what your name came to be in a comment!!! Mine is:


I haven't figured out how that relates to me... Is it the MS that makes me a Moon person now? Yet, even in the moon I have such a shining personality? That's funny! And, I'm no empress, lemme tell you.... here's the google definition that came up: The woman ruler of an empire / the wife or widower of an emperor. Now, my other half is ruler of our household so that might apply.....

Now, about my swim today... Awesome!! And, full clearance from the doc!!! i apprently have a little twist in my spine that's been there for a while and is a little bit of nuisance but I'm already used to it. Yeah swimming!!!!


Texas2Tennessee said...

My ya-ya name:

Princess Never Shuts Up

What? You think that's funny?

MS. ME said...

Oh - How I love all your goddess given names!!!! I'm jealous - I want that one!!!!!