Monday, February 9, 2009

I am a little lamb...

That is following the herd!! But I'm also leading a double life - anybody else? This part of me.. my blog and all my rantings and ravings is only known to my partner and me. Nobody else. Not even my best friend in the whole world with whom I discuss everything... and when I say everything, I mean positions everything!!! You know those kinds of friends.... : ] They're wonderful!!

Anyways, I'm also a member of that ever growing population that is called Facebook. But, that's the known part of my world... and this world can't be mixed with that world. The unknown cannot know the known - that would set the balance of the universe off... Lead to ice flows and global warming... Which many of my posts would also qualify as contributing to that as well - being that it's all a bunch of hot air!!!!

I think I should feel something about having 2 separate lives on the internet - one public and one not. I don't, though. I like having this part of me, my blog, be my personal PRIVATE forum for letting my thoughts and wonderings about anything and everything - related to MS and not - be known. I don't care if no one else reads this.... I have my lifetime follower and catches up every couple of posts and she knows that this is an outlet for me to whine about having MS when she just can't hear one more word... (Which isn't true because I got a keeper and doesn't care how much I need to vent about MS).

So, the reason for my baa baa black sheep post this time around is to share something that started over the FB... you may even know something about it... the 25 things about me... I don't mind sharing with y'all but I don't like sharing y'all with anyone else.... makes total sense, huh??

1. My related family and my chosen family mean the world to me - and I love them dearly! And I'm lucky enough to be loved a ton in return!

2. Ummm, I'm a blonde Libra which means I want balance but forget how to get there sometimes!

3. I lived for almost 3 years in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia with my mom/step-dad and was conversational in Arabic for a couple of years...

4. I never lived in one place for more than 4 years until my current stay in/around H-town since 1998

5. I'm not "sleeping with the enemy" level of organization in my pantry but you can see the labels and read the stuff just by standing in the doorway (and in the fridge too!)

6. I'm such a geek that everybody at work (and some friends) know to contact me about grammar situations... and I admit I still know how to diagram a sentence

7. I have MS - I try very hard to not let it have me....

8. I've lost count how many pairs of crutches I've owned in my life... I always was and will be the "accidental athlete"

9. I still don't know how I quite ended up in my career but I'm extremely happy I did - being blue is wonderful!

10. I used to have an African Gray Parrot named Toco, a Silver Crested Cockatoo named Cotton, and various other dogs and cats throughout my life... I'm currently the godmother my friend's cockatoo! We have Emma, Venus, & Bobbie now.

11. All the men in my family are over 6'2" - yet I'm the tallest woman at 5'6"!

12. My favorite food is Alaskan king crab legs - YUMMERS!

13. My IPOD is full and I still have over 200 CD's I still haven't added to my Itunes collection

SIGH - This is harder than I thought!

14. I used to go fishing with my Granny all the time growing up, when I spent summers in Arkansas with all my grandparents - and I've rediscovered my love of reeling one in!

15. My dad's parents, Nana & Grandad, have been married for over 60 years! And my mom's dad, Papa, was lucky enough to spend over 30 years with my Granny before he passed away.

16. I love dolphins!!

17. One of my favorite books of all time is "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss - life lessons in rhyme!

18. My all-time, hands-down favorite song is The Chair by George Strait... and country is still my kind of music!

19. The dreams my partner and I share are reachable and we work daily on them...

20. I can relate almost anything in my life, and others, to a Friends episode... and a couple of my
volleyball teammates referred to me as Phoebe numerous times (deservedly so)

21. My big brothers mean the world to me - and I love when they call me "lil sis" - they are my heroes!

22. I still have all 4 of my wisdom teeth - with room to spare... shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me with how big my mouth is!!

23. I love mudbugs but I WILL NOT suck their heads!!

24. I love all football - college and pro and I love my Cowboys!!!

25. I am thankful for everyday on this Earth to spend with my loved ones close!

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