Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Like my warm up for my voice?!?!? Got it back the next day... still can't take a super deep breath without coughing and apparently cannot laugh hard without coughing - my supervisor cracked me up today and I started hacking away again. My supervisor told me I was not allowed to lose my voice again because it creeped her out! Funny stuffs!!

My chest was sore yesterday and that luckily went away today. Sheesh - you know that first visit with the Copaxone nurse where they warn you about all the side effects. You get the big bumps and the burning but that tapers down a little bit and gets tolerable. They warn you about the "heart attack" feeling that could pop up a couple of years into injections... but can you really warn someone about that? Can my words about my stomach turning upside down in my lungs and collapsing into my caregiver's arms really portray to someone else what the possibility of the attack? Nope, not really. Not just because words can't really convey the horribleness of that feeling - but because just like with almost everything with this disease it attacks each of us uniquely.

We share a lot of the same things - I'd read about others not being able to breathe and passing out and hurting to breathe for a bit after and all that stuff but some people felt like their whole bodies were on fire and then some people felt like their eyes were going to pop out of their heads, and the list would continue for a few paragraphs if I continued... Gotta love this dammed disease!!! harf harf harf harf

Did I ever say how great the house is since we've made 99% of the Ike repairs??!?! (Shiny thing!) Oh, it is so freakin awesome. The new carpets and flooring is wonderful. The roof looks great, and the gutters turned out to be a perfect match for the house, and the fence is wonderful!! Now, all we have to fix is some sheetrock in the small hallway where water came through the roof vent. And, since that sheetrock would then be totally different from the rest of the house.... we decided to see what it would take to get an interior make-over... It ain't cheap to get pretty.... but we're going to see. Our new leadership wants us all to do our part, right? Well, based on some bonus and tax-returns we can do our part by making sure a contractor has at least one more job.... ?? Is that really un-imaginative reasoning? Maybe but I really don't want another hurricane to enable anymore home makeovers... I'd have rather not gone through that!!!

Back again in the pool tomorrow! Got my kickboard onthe way so I can get some good exercising in... along with my follow-up MRI. Can't wait to get in the box... NOT!

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Glad to "hear" your voice is back! And that your Ike repairs have made it through without death and mayhem.

Oh, how I miss that warm bath feeling of an outdoor pool in Houston...I miss "home" sometimes when I read here...sigh.