Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Comedian....

for your enjoyment. A friend sent me a link to this clip of him.. Here's that segment which is dead on right!!

So, his name is Louis CK and he's funny. He's big into appreciation... for what we have and how we've evolved into cell phones from rotary phones. His bit about not being friends with people that had 0s in their phone numbers cuz it sucked to pull that dial all the way around... HIGH-larious!

I'm appreciative of another great day at the pool! I did a couple of laps where I got a side-stitch! I've never been so appreciative of that feeling. I had a little bit of pain afterwards but not the bad kind... the really good kind! And, I got home and my kickboard and new gym bag had arrived. I splurged a little bit but I was doing a forward-reward and I'm very happy with my purchases. If I'm able to go 6 months of regular swimming I'm going to reward myself again... but I don't want to get too hasty!

I realized that my blog might turn into a little bit of a workout log for me... Maybe not always but I'm feeling so much better simply just after these few workouts. I've always been an active person. With the non-functioning right leg that has just recently been finally fixed (don't need to go into that again hopefully! - final check-up Thurs!!!) I've gone the longest ever in my life without a more permanent workout routine.... I am determined to get in better health. Between the last rounds of IV steroids and lack of activity I've gained over 40 pounds in the last 2 years.

Can we say circular problem? I gain weight and lose fitness in my stomach and my back gets weaker... I'm getting these hot flashes lately that I know are probably due to my elevated cholesterol levels. Do I know because I had my HDL/LDL tested lately? No, I know this because of too much goofy knowledge in my brain and my bff being a doc... I'm eating better and now getting back to exercise. I'm eating oatmeal for breakfast almost every morning and a lot of yummy fruit!

I'm loving all my endorphin hi's lately with the swimming! I've never understood taking or smoking stuff to get that feeling - yeah, a mountain bike is not cheap but it's a helluva rush in the head going around those corners (of course into a few trees for me) but such a rush!!

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