Monday, October 13, 2008

Why do some people...

Not take pride in their work? Is it so much to ask? I think about this sometimes. Sometimes it's prompted by stupid people at work that don't know how to do their basic jobs. (which, in my line of work, can seriously hurt themselves or others!) Sometimes it's prompted by stupid customer service people that don't understand the idear behind that (Comcast, anyone?!?!? GRRRR!) Sometimes it's prompted by thoughts of one day not being able to do my job which I love ... as all of us with the MS probabilty of anything being possible (in a good/bad, love/hate way).

So, when it's combined with having a pissy day at my body but unable to just hang out at home and having to go to work to listen to STOOPID people at work delivering a very bad message. I just don't get it. If you're good at your job, then you must be doing something right. Yet, delivering information to other co-workers in a shared profession, wouldn't you think that would be easier than delivering the same information to non-co-workers? If that same investigator - and I wish there was a way to lighten that word for the person I'm referring to - delivered the message to non-classified personnel, I'm pretty sure he'd be fired. Even with our union/civil service protections - he'd be gone. And, I'm not sure that would help our city because I've heard he's a good investigator - but some of the stuff that came out of his mouth was STOOOOPID!!! Get my drift?

I became "liscensed" to teach other law enforcement people last year. We had to go through a class to do it - required by the state. It was actually a good class. I enjoyed it and learned from it. I might have to teach my subject matter to my fellow co-workers at some point (I'm the back-up right now and the woman teaching it is my hero... superwoman!!) so it might be a while. And, I'm a bit of a smart-ass. I'm sarcastic. I'm going to make jokes - but not at the expense of something I believe in and truly enjoy being a part of. I'll sacrifice myself, but I WILL NOT sacrifice the kiddos I help to protect. Do some of those kids lie? Yes. Are some of those lies horrible and cause great pain? Yes. Does it piss me off to no end when that happens, especially if (wo)man hours are wasted on it? YES! But, I will not lump those few pissy, crappy, awful kids with the rest of the kids I help - and I still can't totally blame some of those kiddos (if they're young enough to be redeemed) because it's obviously a LEARNED behavior.

Again, I'm ranting on my soap-box tonight because I had to sit in a very uncomfortable auditorium chair for the day - which made my back spasm the whole day and made PT this afternoon very painful. Again, some of the later presenters (my fellow co-workers) were boring and not the best at teaching but they did not sacrifice their topics at the sake of their victims. My LT was in the class as well and he was actually slack-jawed a couple of times with what the one guy was saying - and my boss is not easily made slacck-jawed!!

Okay, deep breath, I'm climbing off the box to sit back and let the heating pad on my back take effect. I just needed to get that off my chest. I've got a week of this dang in-service classes - any of y'all that have to have CEUs and required classes understand how bad this can be. I'll try to deconstruct my soap box for this week ... you'll know how bad it'll have to be for me to climb back on!!!

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Kimberly said...

First, I agree in-service day/week or month sucks lemons. The mere thought of sitting through my mandatory week of yearly inservice is enough to make me crawl under the couch and stay there. I too am amazed that some folks seem to get away with a lot more that I do...but that's life. Sucks lemons too! Hope your back is better!