Saturday, October 4, 2008


Ever need estimates on home or auto repair? You call and schedule the free in-home consultation. They tell you why their product is so great, better than the other ones. Then, you decide where your personal give and take points are and what you're willing to sacrifice. It's not necessarily a horrible process, but it's not exactly stress-free dealings either.

We've started the estimate process after Ike. We got the roof done today and are faxing it off to our adjuster. To borrow a great phrase from Tommyboy - HOLY SHNIKEYS! Course, we can't do anything until we get the roof done... since the gutter people can't do anything based on the old roof, and we won't fix our ceiling if the roof's going to leak during next week's forecast rains, and won't do the carpet until the other stuff is done. Sheesh!!!

I'm not as stressed as I thought I'd be during this though, since I feel like I sort of do that a lot with having MS. Like, when you're first diagnosed and are told your treatment options... Do you want to possibly suffer through the "flu" every other day? Do you want to do a shot every day? Do you want to deal with that horribly long needle once a week? What are you willing to sacrifice to still feel comfortable with your choice afterwards... and how hard is it to change your mind? Obviously, when we get the roof we chose on - LOL - not going to be so easy to change that!! But, it wasn't hard for me to change from treatment B to treatment C for me.

I met with my neurosurgeon this week. (Didn't ever think that type of doc was in my future!) Luckily, I liked him a lot - he's very straightforward and a bit of a smart-ass! And, he does NOT want to cut me open immediately. He agreed that I was too young to have that bad of a degenerated disc (with slight protrusion) but he was glad to see that I still had pretty good movement and not a lot of pain. I refused pain meds at this time.... I hate how they make you feel (and plug you up - UGH!). So, we're going with a month of PT. All I need is to shrink my inflamation 1-2 mm. Tiny little millimeters... About the size of "." in the body. That much little space will make my life a lot better. Amazing!

Course, if he had immediately said surgery - I might have taken his word for it but still gotten another "estimate" for my body. As it is, I'll go make friends with a physical therapist next Wednesday and work on getting my body back to "work-out-able" condition. I miss being physically active!! This has nothing to do with MS - but that sorta pisses me off. I mean, isn't MS enough to worry about without having a totally separate problem too???? *Shrug* Oh well, that's me. If it's not one thing, it's usually another. I'll just get hugs from my L, the pups, and my friends and no it'll all be all-righty!!!

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Kimberly said...

I don't know what insurance you have, but try and see if they will cover you going to see Dr. Rhodes at Coastal Bend Chronic Pain Center in Corpus Christi (that's where I go). If you have a PAIN diagnosis most insurance will cover it. They won't cover it for MS (which is why I go). I know that he 100% removed my pain witht he treatments. His office number is 361 992-9432. His office manager is Melissa Ybarra. Can't hurt to make the call. On my blog there is a link to his web site. Good luck with the estimates. I know it's stressful!