Friday, October 24, 2008

Big Yawn...

I'm soooo staying away from the wing-ding choice.... not even getting within 4 choices!!! : p

I love Fridays. Payday Fridays are even better. Payday Fridays, 2 beers with dinner - great. Payday Fridays, 2 beers with dinner, with family - awesome!!

So, I didn't really have anything to type about so I was going to just blabber. Course, it's still not something to rush to your computer and go OMG! Then, you gotta love some of the positive sides for MS... never a dull moment! I'm sitting in bed, checking all the blogs and sites I take hits off of... I'd already changed positions once cuz my particular brand of spasticity likes to piss off my pectoral and latismus dorsi muscle groups... : ] I like to show off my halfway completed masters in biomechanics!!! I didn't survive A&P class for nothing!!!!!! [anyways, my chest & mid-back muscles that wrap around your sides]

Anyhows, I thought the change in position might help it calm a little bit down - it sometimes works. Whether or not it's a mental thing.. don't really give a rat's patootie! This time, it doesn't work. My honey complains a lot if I'm sitting on the couch next to her and they start going - I don't always feel it but she always does. So, I had her put her hand on the spot that was going nuts and asked her if that was what she kept feelin. Nope. Not it. So she gets "cute" and acts like she was going to punch it. I tell her to go ahead - it might help. She punches it. And punches it. And punches it. And punches it. And punches it. Get where I'm going here? Not too hard of a leap, huh?

After about a 30, 40 , maybe even a 60 count I calmly turned around and asked if all the aggression was out? L laughed and said almost. A few more counts and then it stopped. Slowly. A few more punches.... What brought about this tempest of rage? This explosion of violence? Well, the main reason is we got first word of our so called "insurance settlement". Let's just say I cracked up laughing - it was so horribly pitiful!!!!!!!! Quick reminder - Hurricane Ike came through on 9/12. We had 60+ mph winds at our house for over 12 hours. We had more than 50% of our roof shingles lifted up, will not re-seal, and all has debris underneath the shingles.... here's a quick laugh as how hysterical the insurance company is? They gave us $189 for 12 shingles. Let me tell you how I'm laughing my ass of, crying from how funny it is, can't breathe cuz I'm laughing so hard.

So, needless to say, the gauntlet's been thrown!! It is SO ON LIKE DONKEY-KONG!!! I've always been a fan of Charles Shultz, but the dog's going down this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kimberly said...

Just checking up on you. You haven't posted in over a week! Hope all is well!