Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ahhh, Sundays....

Great for doing nothing but sitting on the couch, watching football, and reading a book. And doing all those things at once, while playing on the computer. Anybody get Columbus day off? While I am a civil servant, we do not get that day off of work. Our credit union is closed, since they are off, and I won't get any mail, since they're off... but I can't gripe too much. I get the other major holidays off.

I will be sitting on my butt getting educated all week in in-service classes. So, I will be fighting sleeping in class in other words. In my time in the department, there's only been a few required in-service classes that were actually worth my time. I talked about one earlier in my online history, and there have been a few others like it. At least I'll be in class with my work partner and one of my supervisors... who always has great stories about some member of her family, or herself! LOL She's got a crazy family!
I do have to wake up earlier than normal to drive up to the north side of town. UGH!

Nothing else going on... don't really have anything to "say" today. My MS seems to be behaving lately. My back doesn't really like me at all right now. I'm doing my exercises (well, not yet today but I will) and all I'm feeling is more tightness, spasms, and pain. I did do 4 exercises on Friday with my PT. WOO HOO!! Maybe I'll work up to 5 tomorrow! We went to dinner last night with a new friend... it was very fun. We laughed out booties off! Everyone was so nice - met a lot of new people as well and ran into some people I hadn't seen in a while. There was a comedian there and she was very funny! Of course, we were part of the "loud" table - which is always where I want to be!!

Well, I'm off to yell at the tv some more. The Texans are not playing that great right now.... but then the important game is on at 3 - when my Cowboys play! Hopefully they'll have pulled their heads out of their butts from last week and can beat the cardinals!

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