Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh those pesky ...

MS symptoms! I had a good day today! I woke up and was able to walk normal from that point on, even walked up the stairs at work... been a couple of weeks for that! I was able to get up and down from my chair without any trouble and did not even really have any cramping today. I had my check-up with my fabulous NP at my neurologist's office this past Friday. I could even hop off the table to show her my "normal" walk!! I do have to get an MRI next week on my L-spine. They wanted to make sure they got the steroids in me first... They're pretty sure it was a flare-up (ever noticed how hard exacerbation is to type?) but they want to check my lower spine just to make sure there isn't some disc damage. I had a pretty bad back injury from the job about 7 years ago so it would not be a far reach. They say once you've hurt your back then you're screwed for life! Hey, I was lucky - I was able to keep working after a very good physical therapist!

I'm also tapering down off of one of my meds, which is always exciting! That's actually been one of my harder things to cope with and get accustomed to with MS - taking all the meds. I can't stand taking pills and yet I've gotten up to quite a few in a day just in my little MS experience... I know there are others out there with much worse, especially if swallowing already presents a challenge.

I was typing this tonight and felt my chest start twitching and then my bi & triceps decided to get in on the conversation. It doesn't hurt and apparently, according to my other half, I don't notice it most of the time. It's just annoying, really. I've been known to start talking to my muscles to tell'em to stop it.. then I remember that they really don't have a say in it since my nerves are the ones calling the shots. I heard someone say something the other day about someone "getting on their nerves". Did not really know how much that phrase would apply to me in my life!!!!! : P


Kimberly said...

ROFLMAO......nice to know I'm not the only one who has episodes of "alien" going on in their body. Now I gotta say...."telling your muscles" to stop twitching....I'm with you on that. BUT...the minute they ANSWER.....:)~

Joan said...

Hi Phoenix! Welcome to the wonderful blog support group. I've enjoyed your descriptions, very well written!
I look forward to more posts!