Monday, September 8, 2008

Must view YouTube

Okay, I've been playing with my blog trying to learn all about how to add things and spice it up. I discovered the video blog gadget - FUN! So, I typed in a comedian that I love and can watch a lot of without getting tired of him - Jeff Dunham. Dunno if you've ever seen or heard of him. He's a ventriliquist that's really good and really funny!

So, I tried to get specific videos showcasing my favorite characters: Walter, Peanut, Ahmed but I'm not figuring how to get'em in there without getting other crap that I don't want. Anyways, the first clip is a great one - Ahmed's "traditional" shtick. The 2nd one is Jose Jalepeno (on a stick). The 3rd clip is actually the entire, yes, the frakin' entire, show from one of his DVD's. It's very good but I doubt you have the 1 1/2 hours to just watch your computer... but if you ever do - It's chock full of belly laughs!! And, if you just want to see parts.... Walter is ~17:25 and peanut is around the end.

The last clip is Ahmed doing his song, Jingle Bombs - HILARIOUS!! If anything, type in Jeff Dunham in a video search at YouTube's site. You can pretty much see all his stuff and make sure and check out the Peanut videos. I'll try and remember to swtich my videos up every now and then.... If not, leave me a comment and I'll check it out... I am blonde!

So, now that I've bored the www with 2 posts tonight - holla' at y'all later!

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