Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And just when you think

You're going to blog about one thing *Wham* life happens and there it goes... LOL

So, one of my favorite symptoms is my spasticity - i LOVE getting charlie horses in my calves for no reason! But, they've become that annoying aunt that always gives you that weird sweater your mom will make you actually put on. It reminds you to be thankful for when it's NOT there! Tonight, though, I get the cramp on the top part of my lower leg, running right beside my tibia (or is the top one the fibia - my best friend would be so dissapointed that I don't remember)... on TOP of my calf... haven't had that one before. So, my honey goes to massage it out since it seems to work on the bottom of that part of my leg and I realize I really don't feel her massaging that part of my left leg. It feels like she's rubbing a feather on it when I can SEE how hard she's pushing into the skin.... YIKES! Course, we start cracking up with all sorts of comical sayings that left my brain as soon as I tried typing them in here.... Dang, you just gotta love the central nervous system???

THEN... I hear a very loud buzzing outside and one of the chairs sounds like it falls over - my honey's out there so I get up, still looking at my left leg funny, and go make sure everyone's ok. I find our youngest 4 legged kid running around and there is loud buzzing coming from her mouth. Before I can even ask.... Venus (the youngest) spits out a quite sizable locust from her mouth!! Now, I can't even begin to laugh because Venus' older sister, Emma, then grabs it in her mouth and goes a couple of steps before upchucking it... the oldest, a chihuahua named Bobbie, does not want any part of this hot potato game with the locust! Talk about laughing your ass off - OMFG!

Want a better mental image? Venus is a ~1 1/2 yo black lab/border collie mix, Emma is a 9 1/2 yo chocolate lab/who's your daddy mix, and Bobbie is the 10 1/2 year old chihuahua (pronounced cha-whoooa-whoooa). I love dogs - they rock!

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Kimberly said...

OMG the locust story had me cracking up, Better you than me I woulf be freaking out! LOL

Seriously....spasticity. It's one of my worst MS symptoms. (I've posted on my blog about it along with pics of my feet during spastic episodes). Pain like I've never had in my life. I did natural childbirth with both my kids. I'd rather do 36 hours of natural childbirth than a round of my spasticity. My legs from thigh down will spasm for 40 minutes straight, relax for about 20 then go again. This will go on for days. I was at the max dose of Baclofen and Klonapin for over a year and they just kept getting worse. I finally started Neurontin 3 weeks ago. For the first two weeks it was like a miracle, but they have started again. At any given time you can watch the muscles on my legs and feet move. Kinda like alien. IV steroids...suck! LOL