Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm a sports fanatic!

So, I'm doing this Blog in "Georgia" font, in Bulldog red to honor one of my favorite college football teams! I love the fall....the smell of turf in August, the broken fingers of the offensive linemen, the gatorade over the coach's head. I was born and (mostly) raised in Texas, with 4 older brothers - 3 of which played Texas highschool football. You don't grow up in a household like that without becoming a football fan.

I guess it would be possible, but why?? I LOVE FOOTBALL! I always secretly desired to be a football coach - I wanted to be a secondary coach, yelling at the Roy Williams' (UT's) and Buschi's and LT's (I know he's a lineman, but he rocks) to get off their asses and get on those wide receivers! Offense might create a lot of press and highlight reels, but games are won by defenses! Yes, I catch boys off-guard because I know the difference between the nickel and dime defensive packages!

College football rocks - I have my faves that I have to root for besides Georgia. And, I have my reasons, either due to family members playing for them, good coaches (past ones included) or I've just liked what I've watched.... I will go to a neutral gray for this list so I don't offend: Arkansas (GO PIG SUUUUUUUEY!!!!), Texas A&M (Gig'em!), LSU (Geaux Tigers!), Oregon State (You gotta love a school with the Beavers as their mascot!), Texas Tech (Guns up!!!!), and Oklahoma (Sooner Pride!!!).

I have others I will root for but I know these schools and have followed them for a while - LSU is my latest fave as my best friend completed her medical residency with them and converted me!! So, needless to say my Saturday plans are set for the next 5 months! I also like the Pros - I'm Cowboy blue through and through!!!!! but the college boys still play for pride and fun! I'm going to watch the Giants play the Redskins tonight and hope that Eli whoops up on'em - I like the Manning family dynasty! And they're soooo cute!! LOL

My body behaved today. I like it on days like today. I'm going to 2 in a row tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

sorry but the red print is hard on my MSer eyes. But I admire your spirit.

Kimberly said...

Go. COLTS! I am an absolute rabid Colts fan. I have been since good ol' Stever Harbough was the quarterback. When I lived in Indy I got to watch Payton play his opening season with the Colts in the dome. My husband can't watch the Colts games with me. LOL. I've been known to juump up and down and throw pillows at the TV! When they one the Bowl I jumped up and down so hard I knocked one of my cochlear implant processors right offmy head (took two hours to find it)! Football rocks. My hubby is inot the College ball (not me). I live for football season and actually wander around lost for a month after the Super Bowl wondering what to do! LOL

MS. ME said...

Anne - Sorry bout the red - will remember that for future posts!

Kim - seriously??! I'm so a Peyton fan and can't stand Brady - soooo overrated just cuz he had a good offensive line!!