Friday, September 5, 2008

Gotta love friends!

I know one thing that scared the bageebees out of me when I heard the diagnosis of MS - will I keep my friends? My family, we'd been through a lot already and survived, so I was not worried nor was I disappointed in them. But, my friends.... those mean the world to me. There's a quote (and I do not know who to attribute it to) that says "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves"...

My 30th birthday gift was my diagnosis. Technically it was 8 days after my birthday but that was just because I refused to go to the doctor for my deteriorating eyesight until after I returned from my vacation. My best friend is a doc and she had prescribed me some eye drops that seemed to help with the pain and I was taking tylenol for my weird headache that was only right above my eye and above my ear. I'll never forget calling my work partner, and close friend, on the verge of crying but keeping it together cuz our male friends NEVER want to hear their girls crying, do they? Anyways, I told him I needed him to come pick me up and take me to my MRI - after being shipped between the eye and brain docs that were separated by a floor all morning. He shows up and gets me to the MRI place (it was either that or the docs were going to admit me to the hospital to get'em done).

While I'm in the tube, right after I finally finish the last scans, the MRI tech (a female) tells me that I have some visitors. Next thing I know my best friend from HS (a guy) and my work buddy are talking about how it was confirmed that I was truly a blonde with no brain and the national enquirer was outside waiting to get my story. They then take me to dinner and we spend the whole time laughing at the various pirate jokes we can come up with since I had to keep my right eye closed to try and walk close to a semblance of normal. Then, a group of friends was supposed to be meeting later that week for dinner. I called one of the girls to tell'em I wouldn't be able to make it - seeing as I couldn't drive and next thing I know, there's an excel spreadsheet being emailing around between all my friends trying to get a schedule of who's picking me up to go grocery shopping, who's taking me to dinner and lunches to get me out of the house, and who's taking me to my doctor appointments and test. My family actually got a little pissy that they weren't getting in on the action!!!

I tell ya, friends and family are so important. Friends can really determine what kind of outlook you'll take towards an event in your life. I can honestly say that my fear of MS was reduced each and every day, as I read all the emails, cards, talked on the phone, and tried to get some sleep in between all the friendly visits. I had a freezer full of food, side-stiches from laughing at myself, and warm-fuzzies all in my brain and heart from my friends during those next couple of scary months trying not to think about having to retire from a job I love due to losing my sight at 30...I think the reason I've survived so well with this disease has a lot to do with my support network - It's amazing.

What brought on this shpiel of thankfulness? I got to share a wonderful night of good food and good conversation with 4 of those great friends tonight. I say a prayer of thanks after each one of those.... I soak it all in and let it wrap me up! And, now, I consider this blogdom another level of support as well - so take from me all the support you need and I will return the favor as well!

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