Thursday, April 2, 2009


I hate when my legs get pissy with me. A couple of major cramps and charlie horses and here comes walking-funny!! I made it half a day at work yesterday - then came home and got doped up. Woke up this morning with more cramps and charlie horses that had decided my quads and calves were not enough and it needed my hips to join the party.

Yeah - walking more funny this morning and slow. I hate my legs when they don't like me. The dogs like me being home. It's been a while since they've gotten pissy with me. I'd done my selective memory thing with it and had forgotten how much it hurts.

I didn't even feel like getting the looks today at work and stayed home. With heating pad. And drugs.... even though they make me all dopey and ucky. Sheesh. I'm a little whiney because of it as well... bad combo. I think I'll just go back to reading my book and watching daytime tv.

At least the puppies make me laugh... here's a couple more videos of smile! The little one thinking he's a great dane! And, the eldest daughter going after an easter turtle!!


Texas2Tennessee said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Hope hangin' with the pups helped. Sending BIG love from Tennessee!

Kimberly said...

Hope your feeling better today. I've been doing some reading on how there has been some great success with using electromuscular stimulating machins to break the spasms so I bought one. I figure trying it wont hur. I'm maxed on neurontin and the only thing left to try is Botox. I'd rather not try Botox. (If I'm having Botox it WON'T be in my legs)! I'll let you know if it works.

I bought my cooling vest. The same one you suggested. It arrived yesterday along with a cold front that dropped our temps down to the 40's! least I'm ready for the heat!