Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love Texas springs! The humidity is low, there are little green buds on everything and the weather is absolutely fabulous! I've had the windows down and the back off my Jeep all week. My co-workers comment they always can tell when I have my top off because I always wear my hair in a pony-tial during that time!! AHAHHAHAHA

Catch-up time! So, the contractor's paint crew did a less than stellar job... and now we're still packed up like we're moving and the owner is coming out to do a walk-through tomorrow afternoon. His manager and I had a great chat on Friday morning and she assured me they would re-paint our entire house if needed. Luckily it's not that bad, but there is a lot of touch-up needed. I could've done a ton better job on my own so I can't imagine having to settle for it currently.. But, I've had my charm in over-time and I know the owner is going to see it my way.

Had a great gathering of friends and family down on the island yesterday. It was great seeing so many people down there... I know Galveston is going to be okay... As bad as the economy is right now, it might have been the best thing for the island - people aren't going to Mexico but going close to home. It's getting greener down there as well, which is good.

I'm in a bit of trouble for yesterday, though. I got a little too much sun on my lower arms and face/neck. It was a high of about 75 but with a great gulf breeze so you didn't feel the heat at all. I was just hanging out with friends, casting my reel and whoops!! Good thing is I'm not feeling any side effects from it. I've been lathering up with aloe and lotion so it's all good.

Nada much else going on - I'm feeling good. I still have the last little bit of a cough left over from my bought with bronchitis. That was not fun at all!! Almost a week of not being able to sleep, even with meds!! I apparently was pretty close to officially having "pneumonia" but my doc said something about my lungs sounding like "something I don't remember", which meant it was just the B word, instead of the P word. I still can't sleep laying flat - I'll still start a coughing fit. It's starting to get annoying but I've been told completely normal. I'm just happy it didn't cause my nerves to go all hay-wire like the last case of flu I had.

I'm going to get off the computer and go sit outside and read for a bit - Storms are supposed to come in tomorrow and it's supposed to be all gray and rainy - gotta get my vitamin D in while I can!!!!

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Kimberly said...

I hope that low humidity Texas spring holds out long enough for my return trip out there. We hope to be back at the clinic in May for two weeks. Although I'm bringing a cooling vest with me this time. That Texas humidity is brutal! Glad your over that broncitis and feeling better. Nasty stuff.