Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hack hack hack...

Wonderful color isn't this? Normally green is my favorite color, but not right now. Why? Because that's the color of all the crap coming out of my nose and lungs right now. Seems I caught a pretty good case on Bronchitis.... nasty!!

Started last Thursday and I thought I was getting a mild case of the flu - it's going around and was due.... Little bit of fever and a whole lot of yuck... Finally went to the doc yesterday when I woke up with fever over 100.... NOT GOOD!!!!! Turns out I'm only a couple of steps away from the big P so I'm now loaded up with yet more drugs... Which is complicated considering I'm allergic to penicillin so they have to go outside the box for me... And, I'm on an inhaler for a week.. I never knew how nasty that stuff tasted! No wonder the kids in IT were able to kill the monster with it!!!

And, I should probably be staying home for a couple of days... I think I got yelled at more by being at work yesterday by all the moms in the office than I ever have before. They're really going to pummel me today but I can't stay home - the contractors start today on the last of the Ike damage inside the house, replacing sheetrock and then painting. So, I'm sure the fumes of paint (even though it's not really that bad anymore) are not the best thing for my lungs right now...

I hate the coughing... My sides and stomach are so sore right now. And, the cough medicine my doc prescribed yesterday is apparently no longer made so I was dreading of going another night of no sleep and constant hacking. Luckily, I called my bff and knowing all the freakin' drugs in my house told me the proper cocktail to knock me out. Man, I actually got close to 9 hours of sleep last night.... starting at 830! I woke up and my legs were actually sore because I don't think I even moved 1 muscle... I also woke up with no voice, which really sucks.... I don't even have the low whine I had after the super bowl when I lost my voice in celebration of Pittsburgh!!!

Yeah is the life - also, because of the contractors starting on the other side of the house, which includes the office - I will be without internet for a little while.... Oh well... The house will be all pretty after they're done so it's a small price to pay!! Now, you'll have to excuse me while I go try and give another little gift of myself down the drain!!!

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Texas2Tennessee said...

Bless your heart...but I thought orange was your favorite color? You're not hacking up orange stuff are you?