Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holy shnikeys... I can TYPE!...

A lot. Sorry! I just re-read yesterday's post. I noticed my shoulders felt better today after getting that load off though!! HAHAHAHAHHAHHHA

So, I'm a big country music fan. I love music!! And, although I did not like this particular artist upon her arrival on the scene but now I'm a big fan of Leann Rimes. I like the way her voice has matured and she seems to find good songs and helps write some of the songs. So, I found this page through some of my world wide web stops along the way...


This is a site called "What I Cannot Change" - it allows people to post with or without their names. It allows people to put out there things they deal with that they cannot change. I read threw some of them and there's some drug/alcohol abuse, physical disability, mental disability, dealing with others with issues, etc... I'm sure there's some posts about MS in there.

How could there not be? If I could change it - I would. Who wouldn't? There's no way in hell that anyone, if they COULD change it, would not get rid of their MS. We can't, though. There is no cure. There's only treatments. Course, (warning - stepping up on a soap-box!) I personally believe that the conspiracy theorists have this one right - drug companies aren't going to let the scientists publish the cure they find because there's no $$$$ in that!

Okay, stepping off my soap-box!

Are there changes we can make to make dealing with this crappy-ass disease better? Yup. Let's see, I've resigned myself I will just have to go the rest of my life as one of the whitest-white girls now that I will no longer be going out in the sun long enough to get any visible color change - on top of the SPF1000 I have to wear! I will choose to look like the biggest dork in the world when I wear my cooling vest in public! I will only be able to make fun of all my drunk friends in a hot tub since I'll be the only one NOT in it! My love-handles are going to have to be accepted for now - my body no longer allows my running shoes to be used to their full potential! My mountain bike will have to resign itself to its retirement from me and will have to move onto another faithful pedlar!!

Sigh, these are just a few of the things I would like to change. So, here's how I have changed. I like being a pasty-white girl --- earth tones are good for me!! They now make sunscreen with a hint of color!! The cooling vest is a good conversation piece -- either about MS or whatever! Isn't laughing at our drunk friends the best kind of fun?!??!?! I still get to buy some pretty cool running shoes in my fave colors - you can even customize at Nike.com!! I think trikes or recumbent bikes are waaaaaaaaaay cool - lots more places to stick all sorts of neat stickers!!

Had a great swim yesterday - even added some ab exercises at the end. It burned a little bit but in that good way. Been walking with the pups after work a couple of times this week. They love it and it's good for all of us. My 10 year-old lab has got some arthritis in her left hip. She's on meds and so it was sore the other day after the walk and she's gotta take it easy, but she knows I feel her pain!!

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