Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming in out of the rain...

I know I've been a bit bitchy about how much my yard's been begging for rain. And, how the last couple of fronts to come through here have missed us down south here. However, I'm now glad we got the rain but holy shnikeys - did we ever get rain!!

This one is right in front of our house. You can just see the sidewalk that's right behind the fire hydrant. It came up about another 2 feet from when this pic was taken. We got 6" in an hour - including 3 inches in 12 minutes!! We were flooded in. Our neighbor had to park his car at the end of the block and walk to his house.

Notice our cul-de-sac is GONE!!! The rain got about to the top of the tires on that minivan. It was scary for a bit. The power went out a couple of times for brief periods so we ended up just keeping it off. We turned it back on a little while later - just in time to hear the tornado warnings for our area. At least that part of the front went through very quickly.

Spoke with fam a little further south and they had yard furniture flying around the yard. Now, the sun is out and at least we got enough water to last us a bit. I think we caught up with where we were supposed to be for the year.

I just wish there was a 3rd day to the weekend!!! Not going to do much of anything today. Did a lot yesterday. Got all the pics hung back on the wall and now the house is completely back to normal. It felt weird having empty walls. I knew one couple that moved houses and the hung pics are usually the last things up. Well, their cat went bonkers and the vet told them it was probably because of nothing on the walls. Weird, huh??

Got my hand back (obviously!) and it was just sore the next day. Apparently I was chasing some squirrels this morning, but not much going on right now. I did have another experience after my copaxone shot on Friday night. Chest seizes up and I start sweating and getting all red and can't breathe. This one only lasted about 5 minutes but it still scares the crap outta me. I don't like it. Don't know of anything I'm doing different on one night vs another to bring it on. Oh well. It's time to go see the neuro anyways... the scrip is about to run out so I gotta go do the monkey dance to get the refill on the never-ending shots.

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Yowsa! I remember those flood rains in HouTown with buses stranded under overpasses on the I-10 and people crawling out windows to climb on the roof tops...ah, the wonders of "home". I DO miss it every now and again.

(And glad to see you didn't float away!)

OMG!!! The word verification is "devil"...I kid you not!!!