Monday, November 10, 2008


Has anybody ever gotten through and gotten help about a problem with blogspot? I can't find anyway to actually contact a human via email and STILL cannot post my freakin' awsome video of my puppies playing with the green monster!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I've decided my alternate name for MS.... CD - CRAPPY DISEASE! I will not use it sparingly either... cuz even when we're having great days with our multiple sclerosis we really can't relax cuz we know that day is quite possibly tomorrow! CD works no matter what!!! I'm a huge music lover so don't take it as hating on music - I own waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many CD's even in the age of itunes (which will be the downfall of my pension!) I'm surprised I haven't bored y'all yet with numerous references to lines of lyrics that relate to my life in some past/present/future way.... And I listen to a little bit of everything but country is my main thing .... and I've been done wrong and own beachfront in Arizona!! : ] So, consider this as a warning for a future post...

CD CD CD CD CD CD!!! It just rolls off the tongue! I also just realized that it's not good to watch a very funny comedian (Ralphie May) and post at the same time.... but I'm going to move forward! Remember 2 posts ago when I was going on about the wonderful Texas blue skies.... it's in hiatus for the next couple of days. We're about to hit our "wet" season....which is just Texan for winter. Seriously, we needed the rain though... ever since Ike, we've only gotten a few inches of rain. Course, if you count the 20+ we got during the hurricane.... I love the rain and thunderstorms and the sound of heavy rain hitting my Jeep soft-top. My chocolate lab does not like the rain or the thunderstorms....she used to take it out on the blinds but we've since learned to pull them up so she can at least see outside. She has been known to take it out on any unprotected tennis shoes left in the living room or kitchen or any unsuspecting blankets... I've got her on her little doggie herbal anti-anxiety stuff I mix with her food and that has seemed to help. Didn't even come home to an accident today!!

Did not know this would be such a rambling post... I'm beginning to lose function of my right leg again... I got taught how to use a cane today in PT.... Go back to the doctor later this week - should be interesting... I'm sure it'll be another multiple, in-capitals CD post!

Later! : p

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