Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An American's Duty...

Is to vote. I don't care who you vote for (my buddy over at http://texas2tennessee.blogspot.com/2008/10/throwing-you-curve-ball.html says it much better than me) but you need to vote! I did... I didn't cash in for my free cup of Starbucks, Chik-fil-a sandwich, or scoop of Ben & Jerry's. I did it because that's what you're supposed to do. I'm refusing to watch any TV tonight or go to any internet site that has any reporting capabilities of the election... which is EXTREMELY hard to do at this point! I can't check my email on the computer because Y has nothing but election coverage.

I voted for 1 of 2 people for president. I'm
not going to say which one. I'll do my duty as a citizen and stand behind the leader of our free country. I might or might not be happy about it. My big thing is this... No Vote = No Bitch! So, no matter which man ends up in the office I can be a big ol' whiney butt about their policies - cuz I voted! I am glad I don't live in the county in which I work however because our new district attorney, no matter which person it is, is going to be horrible and going to "fix" a lot of things that do not need "fixing". SHEESH!! Course, that might have a big impact on my job... but not too much. I know I'm going to lose a couple of my friends in the prosecutor's office that are going to either go to the dark side (defense attorney) or get with another agency.

Now, onto really important matters... I woke up the other night gasping for air... It was about an hour after my C shot so I don't think it was that weird side effect that supposedly hits around the 3rd year on it. Now I'm noticing that I'm getting these "quickies" in deep breath gasps every now and then.... Not enough to be concerned about it but enough to cause me to blog about it (obviously!) Just needed to get it off my 'chest'... AHAHAHAH I didn't even plan that one!

Then, I had a really pissy day at work. No real reason for it, but you know those days that just make you want to run screaming from the buil
ding? Yeah, one of those. Again, no real reason for it. Had fun teaching the cadets at the academy yesterday. None of them fell asleep on me or my partner so that was a good thing! Ran into a buddy of mine who's going to be working for a former boss of both of our's... It will be interesting!

OH, UPDATE ON THE SNOOPY DOG BATTLE! WE WON!!! I told you it was on like donkey-kong! Truth be told, it really wasn't much of a fight. They received my well written letter detailing the faults of their plan and my corrections last Monday. Yesterday, an adjuster supervisor came to the house and AGREED WITH US! He was pissed because he said this was the 3rd one he'd done in the past week in which the original adjuster had seriously fubar'd up their report. So, we should be hearing something by the end of this week. I got to call the fence guy today and tell him to put us on the schedule. And, the adjuster supervisor got our roofer's name (who came to the meeting for us as he unde
rstood our argument that he does not get any $ if we don't get any $!) and said he would deal directly with us!

I'm now doing the SNOOPY DANCE!!

We might even get all the stuff done before Thanksgiving.... apparently we've missed the rush that most people were yelling for and could probably have the fence done next week, the roof about 10 days later, and the gutters right after that... course, then we have to get the bedroom carpets and kitchen floor after that!!!!!!!!! Ok, so we won't be hosting turkey day this year ... now it's just seeing if Christmas Eve will be back in Galveston like it should!
Keep your fingers crossed!!


Kimberly said...

I'm glad everything is working out with the insurance. FINALLY! Get the chest, shorteness of breath thing checked out will ya! Oh, and yes, I too did my duty and voted...so I too will have the right to beoch for the next 4 years! I actually voted several weeks ago by absentee. I'll be in Texas on Sunday, back in Corpus.Thankfully no IKE this ime around! Thanks for the note of support with Valor. I'll keep you posted via blog!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Thanks for voting.

Now, how about we all roll up our sleeves and help our elected officials get this country back on track? Yes, you've earned the right to bitch if you voted, but it's action that will restore this Republic.

pUNKrOCKfairy said...

Glad to hear things are coming back together post-storm. I know exactly what you're going thru, being a home-owning Floridian. Seems like you have handled the wreckage like a pro. Congrats!