Thursday, November 6, 2008


Rambling nonsense and verbal effusion about to ensue... There is absolutely no point to this point. Nada. Nothing. If something shiny pops in front of my face I'm likely to change topics mid-sentence (goes back to why I like the "...." so much!!!)

Had a crazy busy work week! UGH! One of those weeks you like because it's Friday tomorrow and I swear it was just Monday morning. One of those weeks you hate because you barely had time to eat lunch or even think during the week!! And, being what my profession is, busy is not good for me. I'm like the antithesis of what you want to be busy (and I just re-read that sentence and realize how ridiculous it is, but that's why I'm keeping it...Have I mentioned lately how much I like blogging??? LAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

SHINY THING!!! Watching Friends reruns on TV. That is the one show I can equate with anything in life!! So funny! Who was your favorite Friend? My favorite girl was Monica...although I was known as Phoebe my freshman year in college. No comments! My favorite boy was always Chandler. Gotta love cute smart-asses! Sarcasm, done right, is sooooo yummy sometimes...

Another SHINY THING!! Lovable pooch running around with new dog toy that's as big as her!! So, it's a frog/spider thingy with 8 legs and it makes a really good squeaky sound. It's literally the size of the front part of her body! And she's been running around like crazy, squeaking it, and making the legs go all around her body... teasing the other puppy with it! I'll have to try and get a picture of it - hilarious!!!

Had to go rescue a friend tonight... abandoned in the galleria area of town having gotten out of a person's vehicle and refused to get back in. I don't blame her. That other person is Basic Instinct psycho!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing my friend does not have rabbits or any other pets! So, that was 2 hours in the car that we'll never get back. You can't bitch too much, cuz that's what friends are for... and she'd turn around and do the same dang thing for us! Course, I'm happy to be drama-free now... There are points in your life (when you're younger and stupider!) that you think it's not life if there's no "drama" but then you grow up and get smarter and realize it was the drama that life can always do without!! Then, puppies with green things taking up their entire mouth come running at you and you realize that's what life is about!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Course, nookie's good too!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SHINY THING!! Course, isn't that always a shiny thing? You can be all serious in a meeting or with family and then BANG - nookie thought! You can't help it. See, it even distracted me from blogging!!

Back in the real world.... and I didn't even realize what a great transition that line would actually be. MS - doing good. Pretty tired most of the time and I think I'm going through a "fatigue" phase but I'm getting through it and caffeine is my best friend right now.... Back - double, horrible big freakin' : p~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Have a follow-up appointment with the neurosurgeon next week. I don't think the PT is working... now , have I been as good about doing my stuff at home but when you get home and the back hurts.... WTF? Anyways... I'm going to see if there's an in-between option between PT and surgery... I dunno. The allmighty internet says there are some pain-therapies that can be tried but it seems like it just dulls the pain to make life easier.... course, isn't that the solution? To make it where your life is not disrupted?? Enough about that - I'm sick of talking, bitching, whining, doing general discourse about it...

No, I wasn't reading the word of the day toilet paper today... I go through my SAT moments.... My verbal kicked ass (but I really don't know how much lower my math could have gone since you didn't have to repeat your name!) Shessh, have I bored myself enough? Probably. Tomorrow's Friday!! WOOO HOOOO!!

Good thing I'm about to end anyways, cuz I'm watching one of those funniest video shows and there's some funny stuff! I always thinks the animals are the funniest, cuz there's really no way to be planned or staged!

Hey, did you notice I put a new comedian over there in the video bar? He's Gabriel Igleasis.... Google his name or watch some of those videos!! Again, you can watch a butt load of his stuff on YouTube! He's got some bits about being pulled over by the popo that bring me to snot and tears!!! In such a good way!! Notice I'm a bit heavy on the metaphors tonight? Skydiving just came though..... I want to do that at some point - before I'm doing a copy of W Sr. Oooooh, have you seen the previews for the movie Twilight? It's based on Stephanie Meyers books... I cannot wait!!!!!!!

Okay, seriously, wrapping up right now. Right this second. I'm done. Finito. That's a wrap. Off-duty. End of shift. Crapped out. Later alligator!

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Kimberly said...

You just crack me up! Your blog entry was well worth the wait :)~

Silly you....don't youread MY blog??? Why don't you think I'm returning to Texas on Sunday?? PAIN CLINIC....duh! The drug free kind that also works with MS.

Drop me an email and I'll get you the info!