Monday, August 11, 2008

There are times for being a B****, just like there are times for being a charmer. Usually we get to pick/choose those times for ourselves - not saying it's always an easy choice or that we aren't sometimes provoked into one of them. Just saying that it's a right we should choose ourselves. Unlike when you're on so many medications that your body chemistry goes all wacko - then your emotions go out the door as well.

Ever heard of PMS? Try PMS on steroids - literally! Barry Bonds has got nothing on me!!! If emotions could be hit out of the park - I'm batting 1.000!! Hopefully as my body calms down my emotions will too - How many flowers does it take to say you're sorry for being such a lousy patient??? I'm thinking something with balloons - my honey likes those!!!

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Texas2Tennessee said...

Nothing says "I'm sorry" like a home cooked meal, bubble bath and foot rub.