Monday, August 25, 2008


WOO HOO! Don'tcha just love'em? I had a busy one at work - phone rang non-stop and having to meet with the boss a couple of times and then just returning phone calls from missing Thur/Fri. My spasticity decided it had not made enough of a presence over my last flare up... But, I was back at work today and walking a little slow and upright but I was back at work!!!!

By the way, if you've found my blog then you know I'm not as prolific writing on this blog and new to this thing... I have found some very TERRIFIC blogs about MS in the world wide web... Here's links if you're interested. The writers have a great sense of humor and put some good words to the feelings and thoughts I'm sure those of us with a chronic illness experience and then with the uniqueness to those of MS.

Hey, and I only found them after I started mine, which was a good thing because their so awesome!!


Kimberly said...

Thatnks for noting my blog on yours! I think blogging is a great way for us all to share our experience. It helps remind us we're not in this alone and that the thoughts and fears we have are the same thoughts and fears other MSers have. I check in on your blog every other day to see how your doing!(I even have you as a favorite)! Glad your spascity is giving you a break. I;m finally on Neurontin and it's been a blessing so far! I was maxed out on the Baclofen and was in misery. Keep blogging!

MS. ME said...

Thanks Kimberly!! I've had a friend that's been blogging for a while and decided to jump in during my last exacerbation... seemed like a good way to gripe about the IV infusions!! LOL If you do want to check out a non-MS blog, my friend's is always a nice treat...

Anne said...

Hi there! Welcome to our MS Bloggers community.

BRAINCHEESE has most of the links on her blog of the MSers in our group and you can add to your favs from there. Or you can click on each persons's name here and go to their blogs then add them if you choose.

Veteran MSer here - going on 33 years. Also the resident medical adviser. My background is in medicine although I am not a doctor, I just act like one on the internet!

Please add my blog to your list and I hope to see you around the Msers blogs soon.

Hope you are doing well,