Friday, August 22, 2008


Can I say it enough - how I hate MS! I've always been active. I think I could throw a ball before I could walk.. gotta love older brothers and dad that played MLB. I always played every sport I could and then got into new ones... mountain biking, trail running, flag-football. Seemed I would always go through periods of being more active - work and famly and friends. Seems I was in the best shape of my freakin' life when I was diagnosed... dropped my body fat below 15%, could still pull over a mile under 8, and actually had some arm muscles developing (could never get my biceps to look pretty enough for an arm tattoo band!)...

So, since my Dx I've had the epic battle of trying to balance MS symptoms with trying to stay in shape. Not easy when you're battling spasticity and numbess. Try even walking your dogs when you can't really feel one of your feet. Then, you get put on steroids which make you eat yourself out of house and home and gain an extra 10 lbs. Now, I get my right leg back and start to try and get back into working out. I hop on the bike again (literally) and ride for a very easy 30 mins.. no hills and nothing over 70rpms.. then I spend the next 2 days feeling like I've completed the MS150 with my legs yelling at me the entire time! Making your hips stop working for their full rotation and 24/7 charlie horses in the calves. Either way - I HATE MS! )*@&#%)&@)#*$)@*$)@)(#$)@*)($@)#*@ - that's what I have to say!!!

So, again I repeat MFMS!!!

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Kimberly said...

Let's face it MS sucks. Big time. Seems like just when you think you have a handle of things MS rears it's head and reminds you that IT'S in control and not you. However, it doesn't have control of two things: your outlook and you will. (Both of yours are great by the way). It's our will that keeps us fighting, pushing forward and living our life and NOT MS. Hang in there. You WILL get through all of this. Your not alone in your journey :)