Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's back on!!....

American Idol is back!!

I used to cuss the show (I was a reality show snob!) but now I watch from week 1 til the end. Everybody at work laughs at me... I was asking if anyone saw it last night and there will be no one to answer me tomorrow when I'm blonde enough to ask again!

Course, my supervisor can't make fun of me cuz she watches School of Charm, or whatever that show is with the singer from Poison finding all the slutty women he can. It got me thinking... what if there was a reality show that only featured people with MS?

And, make sure we got all representatives of our world in there.... We'd have the token male of course... All of the RRMS, PPMS, and SPMS reps... All sorts of canes, walkers, wheelchairs and the (not really so normal) 2 legged of us... A couple of kiddos in there, along with us 20-40 y.o.'s, and then our older representatives. Course, we can't forget the baby-diagnosed, coming to acceptance ones, and then our wonderful fore-mothers (and a few fathers) that have dealt with this since waaaaaaaay before it had a name...

Teri Garr could be the host! Clay Walker could serenade us to start us off, with a healthy dose of Pearl Jam's guitarist (who's name I cannot remember and don't feel like looking up right now) mid-way through to wake us all up from our fatigue-induced naps. We'd have regular shot night, super shot night (for those Avonex and other users that go into the muscle!!) and then the after-shot shots - we could see how many of us could name a symptom before repeating. Can you imagine how long that would take - that would be at least 3-4 30 min. episode!!

I don't really what we'd do on the show but blog and talk and laugh and cry and debate and bitch about the about our Neuro's and compare hospital stays and trip stories (the falling kind, not the plane kind) I guess it'd be more of a daytime tv show - althought it might be appropriate to compete with Conan considering we're up late a lot and maybe call it MSI to compete with CSI (not really but that's where it came from to try and show a semi-brain pattern with this post! HA!) and it's a double entendre with Multiple Sclerosis Insomniacs AND Multiple Sclerosis Investigates!!

We'd have to have it be some type of variety show cuz there are just too many personalities to try and group all into a type-cast (no matter how hard a lot of the pharmaceuticals keep trying to do to us!) Then, we could have a WWE night where we throw a bunch of our medicine into a big vat of, I dunno, something really smelly and thick that would be appropriate to destroying meds! And, we could also put a bunch of meds on the floor and we could all take turns stomping, rolling, beating, a bunch of different meds....

I'm going to apologize for this post... I had no idear what the heck was going to come spewing out of the keyboard tonight and I just went where the lesions took me!!! Ruminate on that!! : ]

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Apology?!? I love it!

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