Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sundays would be better....

if they didn't lead right into Mondays and a return to work! HAHAHAHA

I love my job so it's just a matter of having to follow a set of rules to earn money and benefits and hopefully be able to retire to a house near the water while I'm still able to cast a line...

I know my life would be different if I'd just win a major lottery with at least 4 million. I see 2 problems to this happening, though. 1 - you have to PLAY the lottery to be able to win it!! AHAHAHAH 2 1- ever seen all those documentaries about those people that do win the lottery? They don't fare too well, do they?

I'm able to enjoy things right where I'm at so I'm not bitching or whining - Isn't more than enough financial security something that one always dreams about having?

My left arm decided to play nice with the rest of my body by the next morning. Course, the day after one of those body temper-tantrums, whatever part of the body that decided to do their own thing... pretty sore. Luckily I didn't have to do a lot of typing the following day at work so it got rested.

Course, work was really messed up after some co-workers emptied a good doctor's house, clinics, and storage unit and I'm helping them go through it all... If I didn't believe in evil before my job, I certainly would now. There's no way other than to believe in evil after seeing some of the things I've seen. Course, I also believe in all the good that is out there and that is primarily where my heart and soul take up residence because I still believe in constant laughter and smiles and all that is wonderful.

My next mission, which I have chosen to accept, is to find myself a new stove. The one I have right now is on it's last legs. It's having it's own moments of MS sympathy pains with me... It's flames don't always fire right (I have to use a lighter to get the burners to work) and sometimes it doesn't distribute heat in a good manner (brownies taking over an hour to make - not cool when you're in steroid crave mode!!) . I know what I want I just gotta find the one that's in my price range. Then, I'll allow the old one to proceed to the stove other-world.

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