Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm trying to prove i'm boss...

but it's not working very well...

my left hand and arm are moving through a tar pit right now -- tar pit filled with slow drying concrete mixed sand.

i am making myself type with both my hands to type this so i can prove i am the boss. how's that working out for myself - i started this post 10 minutes ago! i'm a 90+ minute a word typer normally.... i learned on the old typewriter that the keys had to be pressed 3 inches deep to get the letter on the paper. Keyboards rock!!!

OK - no caps this post cuz it's too hard to hit that shift key and stretch. and, i will not keep typing that fuckin slow. i'm debating leaving all the typos in as well cuz deleting is annoying as well.

had a great swim yesterday. am rewarding myself with a waterproof ipod case to swim with now. have been swimming pretty regularly. it's been great and i feel better. have had some cramps in my feet of all places - caused me to skip my last interval last thursday but i've been able to ignore a lot of them. swallowed a lot of water when that last one hit me. at least i use mouthwash!

we're headed back into another several days with 100+ temps. we hit 114 heat index this past weekend. it's going to be one of the hottest on record - even for se texas!! august is going to bite!! oh well - lots of visits to friends pools and the beachhouse!! i love the 70 spf - it works!!!

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Texas2Tennessee said...

You da boss, You da boss, You da boss!