Monday, June 22, 2009

Recovery day...

From a non-MS related issue. Nope, this time the issue is Vegas. Sheesh - I'm tired!! Course, when you average going to bed at around 2 in the morning and getting up around 8 or 9, plus a lot of walking aaround and sight-seeing. Luckily, this was not my first time to the city that never sleeps so I didn't have to hit all the main tourist spots that I did last time. Course, I still haven't seen the pirate ship sinking at Treasure Island....

We all gathered in that wonderful sin city for a friend's 50th birthday party. We had a blast!! And, I got to see the divine Miss M up close and personal!! She is so freakin amazing!! I love Bette Midler!!! And her show was soooooo gooooooooood!!! Hilarious and yet very touching, I cried through my laughter throughout my show.

So, today I was able to take off just to rest. And, not because of horrible fatigue but just because I needed it. That's only the 2n
d time this year that I have taken a day off not due to vacation or sickness!! I had to tell my supervisor this morning that I was fine, I just wanted to take the day off. She laughed and said that was a new one for me!! And, then granted my request. That's okay - I'll take them donuts tomorrow. They probably know that, too!!

Course, the day I get to be a bit lazy and just do some laundry from the trip and finish unpacking - the cable goes out!! Shnikeys! I hate comcast, I really do. I miss Time Warner Cable. They reset the box and it still doesn't work. I'll wait til the honey gets home and puts her technical mind to work on it - if
that doesn't work then I guess we'll have to call a tech out.

I didn't take e
ven close to as many pics on this little trip but I did take a few... including this one of my appetizer of fried green tomatoes topped with goat cheese and chicken salad (made with balsamic vinagrette). I would have never imagined the taste that came from that... here's the picture of the original presentation! Amazing - so, if you ever get to Vegas and want to go where the locals go and don't mind going off strip - The Hash House is the place for you! If you go at lunch - have your leather on cuz that's when the original bikers come out that originally made the place!!


Kimberly said...

Isn't Vegas geat! Even better to be tired bevasue you had a good time and NOT because rain Wreck Gstique has rolled into your station! Take a few naps. Hopwfully, that Texas heat and humifity isn't too bad!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Could you please install the scratch and sniff feature on your blog if'n you're going to post mouth-watering pictures of food?!?

That and Bette Midler...I'm jealous! But sure glad you had a great time!

Cranky said...

Glad you had a great time. Vegas is a trip from which you definitely need a recovery day. Skip and I used to go twice a year. We'd typically take the redeye home on Friday nite and need all the way thru Sunday to feel back to normal. Oh, yeah, then there's always all that laundry.

MS. ME said...

Yeppers - I spent the Monday recovery day doing the laundry!! I know - I wish I could have brought some of that home with me!! You should have seen the tenderloin covered in a thin sheet of baked mozzerella!!! OMG!!

Herrad said...


Please come by my blog and pick up your award.