Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wow - has it been that long... ( and Idol spoiler alert!)

Hmm... okay, don't like that color...

How about this one? Better for me. I had to pause and watch Ms. Abdul on the American Idol stage. What's with her wanna-be britney routine? I actually liked it, either last season or the one before that, when she and the dog collaborated and did that one song. I'll admit to it being on my ipod. It's catchy.

Course, I also have to admit to having Ms. Spears music as well. What can I say - it's perfect workout and mindless music. I'm one of those love music not only for the music but the lyrics. I don't have to worry about those with Ms. Spears... Although that leads to an interesting topic...

Have you heard the latest "song" from Britney? I didn't catch it until a co-worker told me about it. So, repeat this after me - out loud... "If you seek Amy". It might take a couple of times.

Need a few more seconds? Don't feel bad - we are dealing with MS brains!! AHAHHA Dammit myelin - don't fail me now!!!!!

Which brings me around to my sort-of point...

We, meaning the collective that deals with this crappy disease, have to be creative in our pursuit of our daily lives. We get to reinvent words to fit us - not the other way around (and get to use big SAT words and know how to spell it AND what they mean!) Like, I love to bike - I used to love to ride trails (not really even close to being real to say mountain biking in SE Texas!) Now - I still bike. It's just a recumbent stationary bike in a bedroom of my house with the a/c going. And the fan to feel the "wind" whipping my face!!

All of the boys and all of the girls want to IF YOU SEEK AMY. (Does that help with the extra line?)

I went to the neuro last week for my semi-annual visit. It was the shortest visit every - we agreed that the Copaxone was still going good and I seem to be really stable with all my meds. No MRI for now. Made another appoinment for November. I had 4 - yes that is 4!! - MRI's last year with all my back and hip stuff. Obviously, with things going okay right now he's not putting me back in the magnetic napper for now.

I fall dead alseep in them - which can be bad if you jump awake but it's just the hassle of wearing the crack show gown and driving all the way to the clinic and all that stuff. Besides, I've enjoyed my relatively doctor free first half of this year. (and hell yes I knocked on wood immediately after typing that sentence!)

I'd give you another line from the song but I really don't want to open my itunes to get it since we're about to hear the results of tonight's Idol... and so yeah about So You Think You Can Dance coming back this month!! And I am a TV junkie, apparently, so you are not thinking anything that isn't true!! AHHAHAHAH

It's time again to bust out the cooling vest for outdoor activities. We didn't hit 90 until June last year... passed that mark last week. I've had my Jeep partially undressed though since there has been enough of a breeze to keep cool. Okay, I'm bummed Allison is going home... (Maybe I should put a spoiler warning on the title of this blog?) But my 2 faves for winner are Adam and Chris. WOO HOOO!!


Texas2Tennessee said...

All I have to say about Ms. Abdul is "look into yoga girl." That was dancing? She was so stiff out there. All I saw was a lot of posing and male dancers moving her around.

And I hate to admit it, but I don't get the B. Spears line...must be my age.


Yeah, and I suppose the next thing you're gonna ask me to do is look down the front of my shirt and spell ATTIC out loud?!?! LOL

Kimberly said...

Just to let you know. I've already used the cooling vest here in sunny CA! It was a lifesaver! You made a great suggestion and I am every so glad I paid attention! Oh, and BTW...there is something on my blog for you :)

Herrad said...


I am curious as to who won?
Have a good weekend.